Brief 32: Anti-Americanism in the Middle East

This study discerns the type and extent of anti-American biases by measuring behavioral responses: whether or not subjects refuse to take the survey... Read More...

Brief 31: How to Handle Rumors

To test different strategies of correcting misinformation about the “death panel” rumor regarding the ACA, Berinsky conducted two online survey... Read More...

Brief 30: Effect of Electoral Rules in Afghanistan

The sample for the study was composed of 250 villages–each with an average population of roughly 1,000 people–selected from ten districts spanning... Read More...

Brief 29: Race and Political Responsiveness in South Africa

In July 2011, emails were successfully sent to 1,229 black and white politicians from four South African provinces. Employing email as the method of... Read More...

Alyoscia D'Onofrio

Alyoscia D’Onofrio has worked in the field of humanitarian assistance and post-conflict development since the Balkan wars of the 1990s. He joined... Read More

Rick Wilson

Wilson is a professor political science at Rice University. He interested in human behavior. In the past his work focused on political history and... Read More

Leonard Wantchekon

Leonard Wantchekon is Professor in the Politics department at Princeton University and... Read More

Ghazala Mansuri

Ghazala Mansuri is a Lead Economist in the Poverty Reduction and Equity Group. She holds a Ph.D.... Read More