Learning Days 15: Latin America Regional Hub Workshop

Learning Days workshop 2023, Universidad ITAM, Mexico City
  1. Be currently based at a university, government, or civil society organization in Latin America.
  2. Have an evaluation research idea in mind or be in the first stages of a project that aims to examine the causal impact of a societal issue in Latin America.  
  3. Have previous training in social sciences (such as political science, economics, public administration, and other related disciplines). Scholars who primarily use qualitative methods, but have some familiarity with quantitative research are highly encouraged to apply. 
  4. Have basic knowledge of statistics (descriptive statistics). Prior familiarity with statistical software is a plus, ideally R, but not a requirement.
  5. Have the availability to be completely involved in all the activities during the entire week of the workshop (all day long).  
How To Apply