Brief 10: Accountability and Collective Action in Albania

 School Stakeholder Survey2008 Living Standards Measurement SurveyDistrict-Level Coefficient Correlation
Average years of education10.983.2510.733.360.25
Average age40.176.3944.2217.58-0.27
Measures of Social Engagement
Belongs to organization0.
Participated in community activity in past year0.150.350.110.31-0.01
Thinks village members would coordinate in case of water shortage0.720.450.640.48-0.15
% of relatives or friends among other parents0.060.90n/an/a 
Involvement with Pupil’s Education
Help with homework at least once a week0.760.430.540.500.06
Number of meetings with teacher in previous semester4.523.3n/an/a0.34**
Information about Participatory Accountability Institutions
Knows about existence of parent class representatives0.720.45n/an/a 
Knows about existence of school board0.580.49n/an/a0.32*
Knows about existence of participatory accountability institutions in schoolsn/an/a0.680.47 
Participation in last parent class representative election0.50.5n/an/a