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EGAP 18: New Haven, October 2016


Friday, October 14
8:30 - Breakfast and conversation for first-time EGAP attendees
9:00-9:15 – Welcome and Introductions
9:15-10:15 – Guy Grossman: “Information Dissemination, Competitive Pressure, and Politician Performance between Elections: A Field Experiment in Uganda” (Appendix)
10:00-11:15 – Alexandra Scacco: "Can Social Contact Reduce Prejudice and Discrimination? Evidence from a Field Experiment in Nigeria
11:15-11:45 – Break
11:45-12:45 – Morgan Holmes (USAID), Liz Ruedy (IRI), Annette Brown (FHI 360), Rebecca Wolfe (Mercy Corps), Chad Vickery (IFES), and James Ciera (Twaweza): “Institutional Members Brainstorming Session” 
12:45-2:00 – Lunch
2:00-3:00 – James Ciera: “Inequalities in Learning Outcomes in East Africa and Their Implications for Policy: Evidence from Uwezo Learning Assessment Data
3:00-3:30 – Break
3:30-6:30 – Networking Activity: Hike & Fall Foliage Tour at Sleeping Giant State Park
7:00 – Dinner: Thali
Saturday, October 15
8:45 – Breakfast
9:15-10:15 – Don Green: “Can Media Shape Social Norms? A Randomized Experiment Assessing Portrayals of Domestic Violence, Abortion, and Teacher Absenteeism in Rural Uganda”
10:15-11:15 – Graeme Blair and Alex Coppock: “Declaring and Diagnosing Research Designs
11:15-11:45 – Break
11:45-12:45 – Breakout Session (choose one):
              Jennifer Pan: “The Economic Consequences of Symbolic Politics: An Experimental Study of the Value of Ideological Loyalty in China's Labor Market”
              James Long: “Community Performance-Based Financing for Health in Cameroon”
12:45-2:00 – Lunch
2:00-3:00 – Kate Baldwin: “Does Community-Based Development Empower Citizens? Evidence from a Randomized Evaluation in Ghana” 
3:00-3:30 – Break
3:30-4:30 – Brendan Nyhan: “The Prevalence and Causes of Conspiracy Belief about Disease Outbreaks”
4:30-5:30 – EGAP Taxation Metaketa Committee Meeting (Taxation Metaketa Committee Members)
7:00 – Dinner at L’Orcio

New Haven Papers and Presentations



Kevin Arceneaux
Peter Aronow
Kate Baldwin
Graeme Blair
Robert Blair
Annette Brown
Daniel Butler
James Ciera
Alexander Coppock
Ana De La O
Eric Dickson
Leopoldo Fergusson
Thomas Fujiwara
Jessica Gottlieb
Don Green
Karen Greiner
Guy Grossman
Morgan Holmes
Hastings Honde
Gregory Huber
Nahomi Ichino
Peter John
Eliza Keller
Paul Lagunes
James Long
Jason Lyall
Joel Middleton
James Mkandawire
Dan Nielson
Brendan Nyhan
Raul Pacheco-Vega
Laura Paler
Jennifer Pan
Doug Parkerson
Pace Phillips
Jessica Preece
Elizabeth Ruedy
Cyrus Samii
Alexandra Scacco
Johannnes Urpelainen
Pedro Vicente
Chad Vickery
Rebecca Wolfe