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EGAP 27: Geneva, October 2019

EGAP Policy Workshop

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Title: Migration and Conflict: From Evidence to Solutions

Location: Room S8, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Maison de la Paix, Geneva

Summary: Today, drivers of human migration include conflict, economic, social, and environmental factors. This half day-long workshop engages practitioners and academics in examining issues and trends in the movement of people. The workshop presents findings of recent experimental research on drivers of migration, conflict, and peace with a focus on actionable insights and policy recommendations. Because successful uptake of evidence benefits from close partnerships between academics and practitioners, this workshop will discuss challenges and opportunities for furthering collaboration in this space.

Format: Round table discussions / panel presentations / 40-60 participants from academia, governments, international and non-governmental organizations
Thursday, October 10
  Migration and Development Conflict, Peace, and Reconciliation
1:20-1:30pm Welcome and Introductions: Simone Dietrich (University of Geneva, EGAP)
1:30-2:30pm Crosscutting roundtable on practitioner-research partnerships: from evidence to solutions
Moderator: Simone Dietrich
Participants: Petru Dumitru (Inspector, Joint Inspections Unit, United Nations)
Rebecca Wolfe (Mercy Corps and EGAP)
Jacobus de Hoop (Manager of Humanitarian Policy Research, UNICEF Office of Research, Innocenti)
Moderator: Morgan Holmes (World Bank)
Presentation 1Migration and Misinformation in Nigeria by Macartan Humphreys
Practitioner Response: Sybella Wilkes (Senior Communications Officer, UNHCR)

Presentation 2Diversity Without Adversity? Refugees Efforts to Integrate Marginally Offset Identiy-Based Bias by Tolga Sinmazdemir
Practitioner Response: Cecile Riallant (Lead, Migration and Sustainable Development, IOM)

Moderator: Alyoscia D`Onofrio (International Rescue Committee)

Presentation 1: Promoting Recovery and Resilience for Victims of Violence and Refugees: Lessons from Colombia by Andres Moya 

Practitioner Response: Nils Rosemann (Head Centre of Competence Conflict and Human Rights, Swiss, Agency for Development and Cooperation)
Presentation 2: Harnessing the Power of Stories to Promote Peace in Conflict Contexts by Rezarta Bilali
Practitioner Response: Katia Papagianni (Director, Policy and Mediation Support, Center for Humanitarian Dialogue) 
3:30-4:00pm Coffee Break
Presentation 3: How Do Refugee Crises End? The Micro-Dynamics of Refugee Return by Dominik Hangartner 
Practitioner Response: Michelle Leighton (Chief, Labour Migration Branch, ILO)
Presentation 4: Impacts of Humanitarian Assistance: Experimental Evidence from the Congo by Maarten Voors
Practitioner Response: Simone Giger (Head, Migration and Development, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation)
Presentation 3: Vocational Training and Urban Youth in Nigeria by Alex Scacco
Practitioner Response: Tine Staermose (Senior Adviser to ILO`s Deputy Director-General for Policy)
Presentation 4: How Recognizing Ethnic Identity Promotes Peace by Cyrus Samii
Practitioner Response: Mona Rishmawi (Chief of Rule of Law and Non-Discrimination Branch, The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights)
5:00-5:30pm Wrap-up and Future Events
5:30-6:30pm Reception


EGAP Thematic Working Group Meetings 
Friday, October 11 
Institutions & Governance Working Group
(Conference Room M 2130)
Conflict Working Group
(Conference Room M 2140)
Plenary Session: Welcome from Simone Dietrich & Cyrus Samii
(Conference Room M 2150)
Julien Labonne, paper, Voter Responses to Emotional Appeals: Evidence from Door-to-Door Visits in the Philippines
Rezarta Bilali, paper, The Power of Stories: Fictional Narratives Can Influence Attitudes and Behavioral Intentions in Contexts of Violent Extremism
Coffee Break
Miriam Golden, paper, "Press 1 for Roads": Motivating Programmatic Politics in Pakistan
Graeme Blair & Jeremy Weinstein, paper, Building Trusted, Effective Police in the Global South: Evidence on Community Policing from Six Coordinated Field Experiments
Jennifer Bussell, research design, Politicians as Participants: When Will Elected Officials Take Part in Academic Research?
Tolga Sinmazdemir, research design, Elite survey on immigration in Turkey
Coffee Break
Plenary session: Daniel Posner, talk, Assessing the effectiveness of PAPs
(Conference Room M 2150)
Short Break
4:15-5:15p Small group research discussions: Thematic groups
6:00p onward
Networking and Dinner at Restaurant UN Port
Saturday, October 12
Institutions & Governance Working Group
(Conference Room M 2130)
Conflict Working Group
(Conference Room M 2140)
Helen Milner, paper, Results on the effects of aid versus oil on accountability in Uganda and Ghana
Session chair: Oliver James
Leonardo Arriola, research design, Documenting Electoral Violence: Assessing Tradeoffs in Data Collection Methodologies
Session chair: Flora Myamba
Coffee Break
Peter Loewen, paper, How Do Politicians Bargain? Evidence from Ultimatum Games with Legislators
Session chair: Raul Pacheco-Vega
Maarten Voors, paper, Impacts of Humanitarian Assistance: Experimental Evidence from the Congo
Session chair: Michael Gilligan
Plenary session: Review of APSA Human Subjects Protection report
Committee: Melina Platas and Tolga Sinmazdemir
(Conference Room M 2150)
Coffee Break
Martin Valdivia, paper and research design, Nudging Microentrepreneurs into Formalization under High Drug-Related Violence: Experimental Evidence from Urban Brazil
Session chair: Aina Gallego
Aila Matanock, paper, Experiments in post-conflict contexts
Session chair: Laura Paler
Travel to Restaurant Le Panoramique du Salève
5:00-6:00p Small group research discussions: Regional groups
6:00p onward
Networking and Dinner at Restaurant Le Panoramique du Salève


Papers and Research Designs for EGAP 27

Institutions & Governance
Aina Gallego
Aila Matanock
Alison Miranda
Alexandra Scacco
Daniel Rubenson Alyoscia d'Onofrio
Eric Dickson Andrés Moya
Helen Milner Cecile Richetta
Jennifer Bussell Claire Adida
Jeremy Weinstein Cyrus Samii
Julien Labonne Dan Posner
Linda Stern Flora Myamba
Macartan Humphreys Graeme Blair
Martin Valdivia Jake Bowers
Melina Platas Jeremy Weinstein
Miriam Golden Laura Paler
Morgan Holmes Lauren Young
Nahomi Ichino
Leonardo Arriola
Nathalie Giger Maarten Voors
Oliver James Michael Gilligan
Peter Loewen Natasha Greenberg
Raul Pacheco-Vega Rebecca Wolfe
Reto Wuest Rezarta Bilali
Ryan Moore Simon Hug
Rosario Aguilar Simone Dietrich
Sebastian Chaskel
  Tolga Sinmazdemir