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Title The Media Matters: Muslim American Portrayals and the Effects on Mass Attitudes
ID 20190613AA
B3 Acknowledgements I am grateful to Marisa Abrajano, Daniella Bardalez, Taylor Carlson, Stephanie DeMora, Valerie Martinez Ebers, Karen Ferree, James Fowler, Zoli Hajnal, Seth Hill, Paul Kellstedt, John Kuk, Katerina Schenke, Annelise Sklar, Liesel Spangler, and Dave Vidmar for their detailed feedback on this project at multiple stages.
B4 Is one of the study authors a university faculty member? Yes
B5 Is this Registration Prospective or Retrospective? Registration prior to assignment of treatment
B6 Is this an experimental study? Yes
B7 Date of start of study 06/17/2019
B8 Should this study be gated? (discouraged)
B8 Formerly Gated Until 07/24/2019
B9 Was this design "cliniced" at an EGAP meeting? No
B10 Is there a pre-analysis plan associated with this registration? No
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