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ID Title Authors Gated Until Status
20140521AA Understanding Prior and Posterior Election Beliefs in Georgia Aaron Erlich
20140512AA Islamic Groups' Social Service Provision and Political Beliefs Steven Brooke, Jason Brownlee
20140509AB The Impact of Property Rights Formalization in Urban Tanzania: Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity Design Andrew Zeitlin, Matthew Collin, Justin Sandefur
20140509AA Improving Electoral Performance Through Citizen Engagement in South Africa Craig McIntosh, Karen Ferree, Clark Gibson, Danielle Jung, James Long
20140506AA Lord, Ross, and Lepper Replication and Extension Andrew Guess, Alexander Coppock
20140503AA The Causes and Consequences of Consuming Political Information Jonathan Mummolo, Erik Peterson
20140502AA The Effect of Redactions on Conspiracy Theory Belief Brendan Nyhan, Sasha Dudding, Chris Pullerits, Heather Szilagyi, Franklin Dickinson, Dylgjeri, Eric Neiley, Andrew Simpson, Colin Walmsey
20140417AA The Hollywood Effect: How Dramatic Depictions of Torture Affect Support or Opposition Erin M. Kearns, Joseph K. Young
20140320AA An Experiment on LGBT Politicians Paul Zachary, Bethany Albertson
20140316AA Globalization and Political Accountability Nathan Jensen, Guillermo Rosas, Thomas Carroll
20140308AA Power of Religious Rhetoric and Use of Force Josh Busby, Joshua Su-Ya Wu
20140303AA Citizen Participation and Authoritarian Responsiveness: A Field Experiment in China Jidong Chen, Jennifer Pan, Yiqing Xu
20140228AA The Logic of Violence in Political Competition Steven Rosenzweig
20140222AB Mobilizing Households in Delhi Slums Chao-yo Cheng
20140222AA Abortion Messages Received, Accepted, Retained and Transmitted: Evidence From Two Longitudinal Field Experiments on Networked Populations Michael J. LaCour
20140203AB Are You Being Served? An Experiment on Institutional Responsiveness to New Citizens in Europe Paul Zachary
20140203AA Rural Electrification with Off-Grid Community Microgrids: An Impact Evaluation in Uttar Pradesh, India Michaël Aklin, Patrick Bayer, S.P. Harish
20140131AA Addendum to Protocol  Mike Findley, Nathan Jensen, Daniel Nielson
20140126AA The Benefits of Solar Technology Adoption for Street Vendors in Bihar David Szakonyi
20140124AA A large-scale test of expressive versus implementation mobilization messages (This design is gated) Peter Loewen, Daniel Rubenson 10/31/2019
20140120AA Election Observers, Electoral Violence and Voter Intimidation In Ghana Eric Kramon, Joseph Asunka, Sarah Brierley, Miriam Golden, George Ofosu
20140113AA Willingness to Pay for Solar Lanterns: Does the Trial Period Play a Role? Milind Kandlikar, Semee Yoon
20140112AA Solar Home Systems and Energy Centers in Rural India: A Field Experiment Semee Yoon
20140110AA Pentecostal Priming and Attitudes Toward Inequality Gwyneth McClendon, Rachel Riedl
20131220AA We trust you more when we feel good about ourselves: Group-affirmation in an international context Eun Bin Chung
20131216AA Conjoint Experiment on U.S. Attitudes on Supreme Court Nominees Maya Sen
20131211AA Social Identity and Social Risk: Experimental Research on Race, Stigma, and HIV/AIDS in the United States Evan Lieberman, Yarrow Dunham
20131210AA Does E-mail Affect Voter Turnout?: Results from a Field Experiment in New York City Alissa Stollwerk
20131206AA Gender and Political Ambition: Utah County Republican Party Field Experiment Jessica Preece, Olga Bogach Stoddard
20131203AA Measuring the Effect of Coethnicity on Political and Economic Attitudes: Experimental Evidence from Northern Benin Claire Adida, Alex Verink
20131130AA Descriptive Norms and Issue Support: A Field Experiment with Yard Signs Donald Green, David Broockman
20131118AA Survey Experiment on Relative Influence of Constitutional Transgressions and Political Arguments on Attitudes of South African Citizens Kevin Russell
20131117AA Network Effects on Political Participation: Evidence from Mozambique Pedro Vicente, Macartan Humphreys
20131110AA Supporting Traditional Leaders to Mitigate Community-Level Conflict Kate Baldwin, Eric Mvukiyehe
20131105AA Voting and Credibility Ryan Lloyd, Mike Findley, Bethany Albertson
20131101AA Lawn Signs Experiment in 2013 Virginia Gubernatorial Race“ Donald Green, Brandon Lenoir, Alexander Coppock
20131024AA The Effects of Administrative Unit Proliferation on Regime Stability Jan Pierskalla, Guy Grossman
20131012AA The Eyes of Texas are Upon You Richard Matland, Gregg Murray
20130921AA Patronage in Government Services Delivery: Evidence from Punjab, Pakistan Kate Vyborny, Muhammad Haseeb
20130913AA Pre-Analysis Plan for Lawn Signs Experiment in Albany Mayoral Race Donald Green, Alexander Coppock
20130819AA Nudging Good Politicians Nico Ravanilla
20130803AA Encouraging collective action through a social norms media campaign in Nigeria Elizabeth Levy Paluck, Graeme Blair, Rebecca Littman
20130731AA Field Experiment on Incentives for Direct Investment Daniel Nielson, Mike Findley, Nathan Jensen
20130729AA Why are Hearts and Minds Changing on Gay Rights? Persuasive and Contagion Effects from a Longitudinal Field Experiment Michael J. LaCour
20130704AA Climates of Conflict: A social network driven experiment in 56 schools Elizabeth Levy Paluck, Hana Shepherd, Peter Aronow
20130616AA Do Social Incentives Favor or Inhibit Cooperation and Accountability in Tanzanian Villages? Malte Lierl
20130518AA Revealed Identity in Experimental Games Maarten Voors, Ty Turley
20130426AA Pre-Analysis Plan for an Experiment on Attitudes toward Congressman Charles Rangel Claire Adida, Lauren D. Davenport, Gwyneth McClendon
20130410AA The Political Legacies of Combat: Attitudes towards War and Peace among Israeli Ex-Combatants Guy Grossman, Devorah Manekin, Dan Miodownik
20130406AA Group-Affirmation in Conflict Resolution: Two Experiments in India and Israel Joshua Gubler, Camp, David Romney