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Title Authors Year of Publication Type of Publication
Estimating causal effects of ballot order from a randomized natural experiment the California alphabet lottery, 1978–2002 D.E. Ho; K. Imai 2008 Journal Article BibTex
Designing and analyzing randomized experiments: Application to a Japanese election survey experiment Y. Horiuchi; K. Imai; N. Taniguchi 2007 Journal Article BibTex
The essential role of pair matching in cluster-randomized experiments, with application to the Mexican universal health insurance evaluation K. Imai; G. King; C. Nall 2009 Journal Article BibTex
Do get-out-the-vote calls reduce turnout? The importance of statistical methods for field experiments K. Imai 2005 Journal Article BibTex
Unpacking the black box of causality: Learning about causal mechanisms from experimental and observational studies K. Imai; L. Keele; D. Tingley; T. Yamamoto 2011 Journal Article BibTex
Misunderstandings between experimentalists and observationalists about causal inference K. Imai; G. King; E.A. Stuart 2008 Journal Article BibTex
Reflections on the ethics of social experimentation M. Humphreys 2015 Journal Article BibTex
Mixing Methods: A Bayesian Unification of Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches M. Humphreys; A. Jacobs 2013 Journal Article BibTex
Promoting Transparency in Social Science Research E. Miguel; C. Camerer; K. Casey; J. Cohen; K.M. Esterling; A. Gerber; R. Glennerster; D.P. Green; M. Humphreys; G. Imbens; 2014 Journal Article BibTex
Fishing, commitment, and communication: A proposal for comprehensive nonbinding research registration M. Humphreys; R.Sanchez de la Sierra; P. van der Windt 2013 Journal Article BibTex


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