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Title Authors Year of Publication Type of Publication
“I wld like u WMP to extend electricity 2 our village:” On Information Technology and Interest Articulation G. Grossman; M. Humphreys; G. Sacramone-Lutz 2014 Journal Article BibTex
Do better monitoring institutions increase leadership quality in community organizations? Evidence from Uganda G. Grossman; W. Hanlon 2014 Journal Article BibTex
Using Field Experiments in International Relations: A Randomized Study of Anonymous Incorporation 1 M.G. Findley; D.L. Nielson; J.Campbell Sharman 2013 Journal Article BibTex
Global shell games: experiments in transnational relations, crime, and terrorism M.G. Findley; D.L. Nielson; J. Sharman; J.Campbell Sharman 2014 Book BibTex
Keeping the Public Purse: An Experiment in Windfalls, Taxes, and the Incentives to Restrain Government L. Paler 2013 Journal Article BibTex
Intermediaries in corruption: An experiment M. Drugov; J. Hamman; D. Serra 2011 Journal Article BibTex
Combining top-down and bottom-up accountability: Evidence from a bribery experiment D. Serra 2012 Journal Article BibTex
The effects of externalities and framing on bribery in a petty corruption experiment A. Barr; D. Serra 2009 Journal Article BibTex
Corruption and culture: An experimental analysis A. Barr; D. Serra 2010 Journal Article BibTex
Does oil corrupt? Evidence from a natural experiment in West Africa P.C. Vicente 2010 Journal Article BibTex
’Experimental Research on Corruption: Introduction and Overview D. Serra; L. Wantchekon 2012 Journal Article BibTex
On the external validity of laboratory experiments on corruption O. Armantier; A. Boly; D. Serra; L. Wantchekon 2012 Journal Article BibTex
Can informed public deliberation overcome clientelism? Experimental evidence from Benin T. Fujiwara; L. Wantchekon 2013 Journal Article BibTex
Clientelism and vote buying: lessons from field experiments in African elections P.C. Vicente; L. Wantchekon 2009 Journal Article BibTex
Clientelism and voting behavior: Evidence from a field experiment in Benin L. Wantchekon 2003 Journal Article BibTex
The dictator game, fairness and ethnicity in postwar Bosnia S. Whitt; R.K. Wilson 2007 Journal Article BibTex
Policing Politicians: Citizen Empowerment and Political Accountability in Uganda Preliminary Analysis M. Humphreys; J. Weinstein 2012 Journal Article BibTex