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Title Attitudes and Opinions on The Effectiveness of Comprehensive Counterinsurgency Among the US Army
Post date 03/27/2019
C1 Background and Explanation of Rationale There is currently no systematic evidence about whether and when American military personnel think that population-centric efforts are effective. These beliefs matter because they influence whether and how these operations were implemented on the ground and how counterinsurgency doctrine may evolve in future conflicts. To address this shortcoming, we field a survey of US Army personnel through a comprehensive online survey of US Army personnel.
C2 What are the hypotheses to be tested? First, how much support is there for population-focused activities among US Army personnel and how does this support vary across the institution? Second, why do some personnel support population-focused activities but not others? Third, under what conditions do personnel think that this strategy is most effective?
C3 How will these hypotheses be tested? * Online survey to create descriptive statistics and regression analysis
C4 Country United States
C5 Scale (# of Units) 200-300 respondents
C6 Was a power analysis conducted prior to data collection? Yes
C7 Has this research received Insitutional Review Board (IRB) or ethics committee approval? Yes
C8 IRB Number 49363
C9 Date of IRB Approval 03/20/19
C10 Will the intervention be implemented by the researcher or a third party? Researchers
C11 Did any of the research team receive remuneration from the implementing agency for taking part in this research? No
C12 If relevant, is there an advance agreement with the implementation group that all results can be published? Yes
C13 JEL Classification(s) not provided by authors