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ID Title Authors Gated Until Status
20130729AA Why are Hearts and Minds Changing on Gay Rights? Persuasive and Contagion Effects from a Longitudinal Field Experiment Michael J. LaCour
20130704AA Climates of Conflict: A social network driven experiment in 56 schools Elizabeth Levy Paluck, Hana Shepherd, Peter Aronow
20130616AA Do Social Incentives Favor or Inhibit Cooperation and Accountability in Tanzanian Villages? Malte Lierl
20130518AA Revealed Identity in Experimental Games Maarten Voors, Ty Turley
20130426AA Pre-Analysis Plan for an Experiment on Attitudes toward Congressman Charles Rangel Claire Adida, Lauren D. Davenport, Gwyneth McClendon
20130410AA The Political Legacies of Combat: Attitudes towards War and Peace among Israeli Ex-Combatants Guy Grossman, Devorah Manekin, Dan Miodownik
20130406AA Group-Affirmation in Conflict Resolution: Two Experiments in India and Israel Joshua Gubler, Camp, David Romney
20130403AA  “Assessing Strategies to Combat Housing Discrimination” Macartan Humphreys, Andrew Guess, Albert Fang
20130122AA Procedures for Field Experiment on Anti-Gay Housing Discrimination in the US David Broockman, Alan Gerber, Donald Green
20121212AA The effect of reconciliation on conflict and development: Evidence from Sierra Leone Bilal Siddiqi, Jacobus Cilliers, Oeindrila Dube
20121123AA  “Does Information Technology Flatten Interest Articulation? Evidence from Uganda” Macartan Humphreys, Guy Grossman, Gabriella Sacramone-Lutz
20121107AA “The Impact of Migration on Pro-social Behavior” Neelanjan Sircar, Peter Van der Windt
20121106AA The 2011 Debt Ceiling Crisis and the 2012 House Elections: A Research Design.”  James Monogan
20121104AA Do Lawn Signs Increase Voter Support for a Congressional Candidate: A Field Experiment Donald Green, Benjamin Farrer, Jonathan Krasno, Aaron Ricks, Joshua Zingher, Michael Steen Thomas
20121101AA Do Advertisements Boost Political Candidates’ Name Recognition and Favorability? Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment on Facebook: Study II Donald Green, David Broockman
20121031AA The Effect of Federal and State Audits on Municipal Accountability Ana De La O, Fernando Martel Garcia
20121026AA Assessing the Turnout Effects of Messages about Voter IDs Donald Green, Jack Citrin, Morris Levy
20121012AA Do Advertisements Boost Political Candidates’ Name Recognition and Favorability? Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment on Facebook Donald Green, David Broockman
20121002AA Nudges Toward Saving: An experiment on framing using loss aversion and salience in Uganda Daniel Nielson, Kasey Beck, Stephanie Dowdle, Mike Findley, Wayne Sandholtz, Price, Grayson, Khatami, Whiting
20121001AA Probing the Activation of Different Aspects of Ethnic Identity: An Experimental Approach Mike Findley, Henrik Hansen, Daniel Nielson
20120926AA Status on the Street: A Field Experiment on the Effect of Signaling Socio-Economic Status on Pro-social Behavior Daniel Nielson, Matthew Brigham, Mike Findley, Madeleine Gleave, Brock Laney, Peter Carroll
20120925AA Are NGOs Opportunistic? A Randomized Field Experiment Daniel Nielson, Ryan Bakow, Mike Findley, Alex Egbert, Brian Reed
20120727AA Confirmation Bias in Microfinance Institutions: A Randomized Field Experiment Daniel Nielson, Matthew Brigham, Chase Petrey, William Matthias
20120220AA Randomized Impact Evaluation of Afghanistan’s National Solidarity Programme — Final Report Andrew Beath, Fotini Christia, Ruben Enikolopov
20120117AA Randomized Impact Evaluation Of Afghanistan’s National Solidarity Programme –Village Benefit Distribution Analysis” Andrew Beath, Fotini Christia, Ruben Enikolopov
20110307AA Congo CDR registration design and Mock Report Macartan Humphreys, Raul Sanchez de la Sierra, Peter Van der Windt
20110302AA The Causes of Compliance in International Relations: Evidence from a Field Experiment on Financial Transparency.  Mike Findley, Daniel Nielson, Jason Sharman, Shima Baradaran