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Robert Elgie is Paddy Moriarty Professor of Government and International Studies at Dublin City University. He has published numerous books, including The Study of Political Leadership: Foundations and Contending Accounts (Palgrave 2015), Semi-Presidentialism: Sub-types and Democratic Performance (Oxford University Press, 2011), Political Institutions in Contemporary France (Oxford University Press, 2003), as well as a number of co-edited publications with Sophia Moestrup, such as Semi-Presidentialism in Central and Eastern Europe (Manchester University Press, 2008). He has published in journals such as Comparative Political Studies, British Journal of Political Science, Political Research Quarterly, and Journal of Democracy. He is the editor of the journal French Politics. He is the Review Editor for Government and Opposition.

Position: Professor of Government and International Studies

Website: Presidential Power, The Semi-Presidential One
Institution / Affiliation : Dublin City University, Ireland

Geographical Region: Europe
Methodology: Lab Experiments
Policy: Governance