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Note: This is a beta version of this tool. Questions and comments are welcome!

How does this form work?

This form guides a conversation with a potential partner that is considering doing an RCT. The questions will help you obtain information to decide whether to recommend an RCT for this evaluation. After you submit the form, you will receive a PDF with the questions and your responses, which can feed into a first draft of an evaluation design document.

Click here for an example of a filled-out Research Design Tool.

During the conversation, don’t forget that:

  • Not every program is right for an impact evaluation
  • You may not be the final evaluator on the project, so don’t commit to a specific design
  • Use non-technical language and explain the logic of experiments

This form includes different kinds of information to guide your conversation:

  1. Questions to ask in bold black
  2. Technical versions of the questions in italics that indicate what you really want to find out
  3. Your design recommendations in blue italics
  4. Tips about the section or question start in green bold

This form may take you some time to complete. If you'd like to save your progress, you must be logged in. Click here to register on our site to enable saving your progress and return later to complete the form. If you do not register, you must fill out all pages and submit the form in one sitting.