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Kavita is currently director of research and learning at BBC Media Action. She leads a team of 100 researchers across 28 countries working to inform, evaluate and provide evidence to the sector on how social change happens in the field of communication and why communication matters.

Kavita started her career in the private sector as a management consultant, consulting to a broad range of sectors which include FMCGs, the UK government, telecoms and the automotive industry. She has ten years of private sector experience focusing on managing change. During this time, Kavita taught a number of executive courses at the London Business School and Kings College.

Kavita left consulting to pursue a PhD in at LSE which focused on understanding the Social Psychology of Public Private Sector Change. Her PhD is titled 'When Consultants meet Civil Servants'. She remained a fellow at the LSE for a number of years after her PhD developing and teaching courses on corporate communications, becoming intelligent consumers of research, multi method research, and big data qualitative data analysis.

Work on development projects has featured throughout Kavita’s career in smaller projects as a consultant, a filmmaker, a scriptwriter and a sound technician. She has worked on development projects in Zimbabwe, Indonesia, Thailand, India and the UAE. In the UK, Kavita has worked with the Africa Leadership Center at Kings College and the Mo Ibrahim Foundation.

Position: Research Director

Institution / Affiliation : BBC Media Action