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Eugenie Dugoua is fourth-year student in the PhD program in Sustainable Development with key focus on the economics and political economy of technological change, energy, and the environment. She is interested in the impact of institutional features such as property rights and policy mechanisms on the development and adoption of technological innovation in the green sector. She is also interested in the study of energy poverty, with special consideration to gender differences.
Eugenie has several years of professional experience with the Procter & Gamble Company, working in Brussels as a technical brand manager in the R&D division. Before embarking on the PhD journey, she spent one year on a solo around-the-world trip during which she volunteered with NGOs in Tanzania, India, China, and Peru. Eugenie holds a graduate certificate in Economics from the London School of Economics and graduated in 2008 from Chimie ParisTech in France with a master in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. She carried out a research project on the recycling of nuclear waste as an exchange student at Tsinghua University, Beijing China.

Position: PhD student

Institution / Affiliation : Columbia University

Geographical Region: North America
Methodology: Experimental Design, Field Experiments, Lab Experiments, Mixed Method, Statistics
Policy: Development, Governance