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Alexander Ovodenko is an energy industry analyst at the United States Department of Energy. Previously, he was a postdoctoral research associate at Washington University in St. Louis and Princeton University, respectively. His primary field is international relations, with a substantive focus on environmental policy. He received the 2014 Virginia Walsh Award for the best dissertation in Science, Technology, and Environmental Politics from the American Political Science Association. His recent publications include "Governing Oligopolies: Global Regimes and Market Structure" (Global Environmental Politics), “Regional Water Cooperation: Creating Incentives for Integrated Management” (Journal of Conflict Resolution), and “The Global Climate Regime: Explaining Lagging Reform” (Review of Policy Research).

Position: Energy Industry Analyst

Website: Alexander Ovodenko's webpage
Institution / Affiliation : U.S. Department of Energy

Geographical Region: North America
Methodology: Experimental Design, Survey Methodology
Policy: Governance