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ID Title Authors Gated Until Status
20190206AB Come Hell or High Water: Migration Behaviour under the Risk of Dying Daniel Auer, Max Schaub
20190206AA Migration, Magic, and the Risk of Dying: Evidence from Real-Time Migration Decisions in The Gambia Daniel Auer, Johanna Gereke, Max Schaub
20190205AC The Roots of Political Resentment: Racial Resentment from Rural Consciousness Matt Martinez, Ali Valenzuela
20190205AB Voter Distrust and the Resonance of Party Outsiders in Primary Elections Cory Manento, Paul Testa
20190205AA The Contextual Nature of Out-Group Bias (This design is gated) Melina Platas, Kinga Makovi 07/04/2020
20190204AA The Effect of Political Xenophobia on Ethnic Identification (This design is gated) René Flores 03/30/2020
20190202AA PAP for Interrupted Time Series/Difference in Difference Study of Female-Only Police Stations in India (This design is gated) Nirvikar Jassal 01/04/2020
20190201AC The political effects of opioid addiction frames Tanika Raychaudhuri, Tali Mendelberg
20190201AB MP-Constituent Communication in the UK Daniel Bischof, Gidon Cohen, Sarah Cohen, Florian Foos, Patrick M Kuhn, Nanu Kyriaki, Nick Vivyan, Neil Visalvanich
20190201AA Foreign Aid's Impact on the Demand Side of Civil Society Simon Hoellerbauer
20190131AC Information about Early Voting Location Changes in the 2018 NC General Election (This design is gated) Christopher Mann 12/31/2019
20190131AB White Identity and Vote Choice Justin Berry, Nicholas Weller
20190131AA Can Community Policing Build Trust and Improve Police Effectiveness? Evidence from Liberia Benjamin Morse
20190129AB Empathy and preferences for welfare assistance Gabor Simonovits, Alexander Bor
20190129AA Prison Contract Blame Attribution Zach Mohr, Jaclyn Piatak, Suzanne Leland
20190128AC Evaluating Community Policing in the Philippines: Communication, Trust, and Service Provision Dotan Haim, Matthew Nanes, Nico Ravanilla
20190128AB Mailings to encourage return of voluntary mail ballots in the 2018 North Carolina General Election (This design is gated) Christopher Mann 12/31/2019
20190128AA Risk-Participation Paradox in Political Protests Pál Susánszky, Bela Janky
20190125AA Recruitment Strategies for Community Animal Health Workers in Sierra Leone Maarten Voors, Kevin Grieco, Macartan Humphreys, Salif Jaiteh, Niccolo Meriggi, Carlo Prato, Peter Van der Windt
20190122AA Exposure to Inequality in Highly Unequal Societies: November 2018 Roll-out Melissa Sands, Daniel de Kadt
20190121AA The Politics of Public Service Formalization in Urban India Anjali Bohlken, Nikhar Gaikwad, Gareth Nellis
20190119AA Territorial Patterns, Administrative Capacity and Digital Development of Chilean Municipalities (This design is gated) Bastián González-Bustamante 01/31/2020
20190116AC Scaling Bayesian Probabilistic Record Linkage with Post-Hoc Blocking: An Application to the California Great Registers Brendan S. McVeigh, Bradley Spahn, Jared S. Murray
20190116AB Shaping elite attitudes towards peace agreements: Do citizens' preferences matter? Natalia Garbiras Diaz, Miguel Garcia-Sanchez, Aila Matanock
20190116AA Perceptions of racial/ethnic diversity (This design is gated) Maria Abascal, Janet Xu, Delia Baldassarri 07/17/2020
20190115AA Democracy Ratings (This design is gated) Sarah Bush, Melina Platas 07/05/2020
20190114AA Monitoring Corruption and Overcoming the Collective Action Problem Michael Denly, Mobin Piracha, Adityamohan Tantravahi
20190113AB Pre-Analysis Plan for a Difference-in-Difference Design on Increasing Political Ambition and Efficacy in High School Students Joshua Kalla, Ethan Porter
20190113AA Bank Credit and Preferences for Redistribution: Experimental Evidence from the UK Jonas Markgraf, Guillermo Rosas
20190111AA Research Study on the Role of Women and Youth in Preventing Extremism Moussa Bourekba, Diego Mura
20190110AC Minimum Wage Increases and Attitudes Zachary Daniel Markovich, Ariel White
20190110AB Does it pay off? The effects of party leadership elections on parties’ trustworthiness and appeal to voters Bram Wauters, Anna Kern
20190110AA Are Goodwill Ambassadors Good for Business? The Impact of Celebrities on IO Fundraising Rabia Malik, Svanhildur Thorvaldsdottir
20190109AA The Effect of Hate Speech Regulation on Preference Falsification Richard Traunmüller, Simon Munzert, Andrew Guess, Pablo Barberá, JungHwan Yang, Daniela Stockmann
20190108AA Recognizing Good Governance: A Field Experiment in Uganda Mark Buntaine, Brigham Daniels, Tanner Bangerter
20190103AA Voting Behavior in Local Elections Shun Yamaya
20181230AA Right preference of right-handers with an ability to resist anxiety: A pre-registered study Ayumi Ikeda, Haoqin Xu, Naoto Fuji, Siqi Zhu, Yuki Yamada
20181228AA Telling the Truth About Corruption Mattias Agerberg
20181222AA Citizen Evaluations of Patrons and Clients in Different Forms of Clientelism Miquel Pellicer, Eva Wegner
20181221AC Altruism During Holiday Celebrations Mariella Rubenson
20181221AB Crossing the Digital Rubicon: Cyber Conflict, Escalation and the Path to Overconfidence Miguel Alberto Gomez, Christopher Whyte
20181221AA The price of respect: The role of status and belonging in clients’ evaluations of clientelism Miquel Pellicer, Eva Wegner
20181219AB Strategies to increase and broaden citizen participation in between-election forms of democracy Annabelle Wittels
20181219AA The Political Effect of Economic Data Manipulation Jennifer Gandhi, Handi Li
20181216AB Lawn Signs: Voter Mobilization in the 2018 Elections Donald Green
20181216AA Misremembering Weimar: Experimental Evidence on the Roots of German Stability Culture Lukas Haffert, Nils Redeker, Tobias Rommel
20181214AA Community Training, Information, and Demand for Accountability Pia Raffler, Nathan Fiala
20181212AA Is Nuclear Right for You? Determinants of the Probability of Becoming a Nuclear-Powered Country Benjamin Leiva, Mª del Mar Rubio-Varas
20181211AC Socialisation, Trajectories and Political Careers of Women in Chile (This design is gated) Bastián González-Bustamante, Carla Cisternas 11/30/2019