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ID Title Authors Gated Until Status
20190924AA Do subjects disclose payoffs strategically? An experiment on endogenous information in a dictator game (This design is gated) Ludovica Orlandi 03/01/2021
20190923AA Promoting community and labor force engagement through service grants and non-cognitive skills training: A randomized control trial in Kazakhstan Syon Bhanot, Benjamin Crost, Jessica Leight, Eric Mvukiyehe, Bauyrzhan Yedgenov
20190922AB Globalization by the rules: Economic uncertainty and support for economic integration (This design is gated) Nina Obermeier 02/01/2021
20190922AA Democratization and nationalism: lessons from Hong Kong (This design is gated) Junyan Jiang, Tak Huen Chau 03/19/2021
20190920AB Ideological Conflict and Attitudes Toward Immigrants in the United States and Canada Anja Kilibarda
20190920AA How Electoral Violence and Partisanship Affect Perceptions of Electoral Integrity: A Post-Election Survey Experiment in West Bengal Hanne Fjelde, Ursula Daxecker
20190919AA Analogic Perspective-Taking and Attitudes Toward Teachers’ Unions Alex Hertel-Fernandez , Ethan Porter
20190917AD The Politics of Online Dating: Comparative Evidence from National Survey Experiments Timur Ohloff
20190917AC Signaling and Public Beliefs about Treaty Compliance Brian Greenhill, Dan Reiter
20190917AB Socializing Democrats: Examining Asian American Vote Choice with Evidence from a National Survey (This design is gated) Tanika Raychaudhuri 03/17/2020
20190917AA Civic Education Messaging Effects in Violent Contexts Leonardo Arriola, Aila Matanock, Justine M. Davis, Manuela Travaglianti
20190916AC Experimental Evaluation of the Immigration-to-Welfare Hypothesis Morris Levy
20190916AB Social Media Markets for Survey Research in Comparative Contexts: Facebook Users in Kenya Leah Rosenzweig, Francesco Rampazzo, Katherine Hoffmann Pham
20190916AA Digital Literacy and Corrective Interventions to Reduce Fake News in India: A Field Experiment Sumitra Badrinathan
20190915AA Determinants of Academic Collaborations with Law Enforcement Agencies (This design is gated) Samantha Goerger, Jonathan Mummolo, Sean Westwood 09/16/2020
20190914AB The Dynamics of Refugee Return (This design is gated) Ala' Alrababa'h, Daniel Masterson, Marine Casalis, Dominik Hangartner, Jeremy Weinstein 03/12/2021
20190914AA The Social Effects of Cash Transfer Programs Rehan Rafay Jamil, Matteo Iudice
20190913AA Ranked Conjoint Experiments: Design and Application Mats Ahrenshop, Spyros Kosmidis
20190912AF How Voters Use Contextual Information to Reward and Punish: Credit Claiming, Legislative Performance, and Democratic Accountability Alan Gerber, Eric M. Patashnik, Patrick Tucker
20190912AE "The game of money into Brazilian politics” – an experiment on learning about the Brazilian Electoral Campaigns Finance system (This design is gated) Akira Pinto Medeiros 09/13/2020
20190912AD Fairness and Trust in Human Bot Interaction (This design is gated) Kinga Makovi, Li Wendi, Talal Rahwan 10/01/2020
20190912AC Education and Traditional Values John Gerring, Emanuel Coman, Brendan Apfeld, Stephen Jesse
20190912AB Higher Education and Ideology John Gerring, Emanuel Coman, Brendan Apfeld, Stephen Jesse
20190912AA Higher Education and Corruption John Gerring, Emanuel Coman, Brendan Apfeld, Stephen Jesse
20190911AA The Interethnic Differences in Gender-Specific Voting Behavior in Bolivia (This design is gated) Julian Michel, Claudia Guarneri 09/11/2020
20190909AC An Experimental Study of the Social Context of Political Information (This design is gated) Kai Ou, Scott A. Tyson 03/16/2020
20190909AB Understanding Cycles of Retributive Violence: A Lab in the Field Experiment in Michoacán Hannah Baron, Omar García-Ponce, Lauren Young, Thomas Zeitzoff
20190909AA How Do Domestic Audiences Respond to Ratification of International Human Rights Agreements? A Survey Experiment on Thai Residents Jana von Stein
20190906AC Kenya Immigration Attitudes Study – Somali Kenyan Anti-Terrorist Recording Jeremy Horowitz, Kristin Michelitch
20190906AB Kenya Immigration Attitudes Study – Somali Refugee Recording Jeremy Horowitz, Kristin Michelitch
20190906AA How Do International Audiences Respond to Ratification of International Human Rights Agreements? A Survey Experiment on UK Residents Jana von Stein
20190905AB Attitudes towards Taxation: Evidence from a Survey Experiment Tarek Masoud, Yuree Noh
20190905AA Changing Tides: Attitudes Toward Migration, Climate Change, and Climate Migration Sabrina B. Arias, Christopher W. Blair
20190904AA Threats of Electoral Violence and Support for Democracy in Nigeria Hanne Fjelde, Annekatrin Deglow
20190903AB How Propaganda Shapes Nationalism in China (This design is gated) Daniel Mattingly, Elaine Yao 09/03/2020
20190903AA Pre-Analysis Plan for a Survey Experiment on Wind Turbines Resul Umit, Lena Schaffer
20190901AC The Impact of Russian Election Meddling on Allies’ Trust in the United States Benjamin E. Goldsmith
20190901AB The Role of Poverty Psychology in Healthier Diets: An application to the Willingness to Pay for Healthy Packaged Bread in the Mexico City Area Marcos Esau Dominguez Viera, Marrit van den Berg
20190901AA Private Property Against Public Works Alisha Holland
20190829AA The Rise of Majority-Ethnic Nationalism and Social Fragmentation among Marginalised Groups: Experimental Evidence from India Emmy Lindstam, Shardul Vaidya
20190828AC Community-based Skills Training, Employment and Social Transformation: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Northern Nigeria Benjamin Crost, Oeindrila Dube, Marcus Holmlund, Eric Mvukiyehe
20190828AB Detained Immigrants and Parole Decisions: Does Legal Aid Make a Difference? Daniel E. Chand, Daniel P. Hawes, Christopher P. Banks, M Apolonia Calderon
20190828AA Morality, Authority, and Empathy: How to Elicit Altruism toward the Internally Displaced Han Il Chang, Leonid Peisakhin, Peter Van der Windt
20190827AA Anticipatory Arms Control: Explaining Preemptive Constraints on Breakthrough Military Technologies (This design is gated) Justin Key Canfil 01/01/2020
20190826AB Citizen Support for Government Surveillance: Evidence from a Survey Experiment in Kuwait Nadiya Kostyuk, Yuree Noh, Tarek Masoud
20190826AA How Does Trauma Affect Intergroup Relations Post-Conflict: Evidence from Jordan (This design is gated) Elizabeth D. Herman, Vivian Khedari DePierro, Aila Matanock, Wendy D'Andrea, Sarah Beranbaum, Mike Niconchuk 12/31/2020
20190825AA Traits, Competencies or Policy Signals? Explaining Gender and Age Biases in the Arab World (This design is gated) Lindsay J. Benstead, Ellen Lust 02/24/2021
20190823AA Who supports mano dura? A candidate conjoint experiment in Morelia, Mexico Lauren Young, Thomas Zeitzoff, Hannah Baron
20190822AC Changing Immigration Attitudes Tyler Reny, Justin Gest
20190822AB A Survey Experiment on Partisanship and Expressive Voting Eli Gavin Rau