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EGAP 25: Washington DC, February 2019

Thursday, February 21
8:30 -9:30 AM: OES & EGAP: Best Practices in Research, Reanalysis and Transparency Meeting at the GSA Office of Evaluation Sciences. RSVP here
2:00 - 5:00 PM: Academic Practitioner Event in the Abramson Family Auditorium at NYU Washington, DC
5:00 - 7:00 PM: EGAP 25 Welcome Reception in the main lobby outside the Abramson Family Auditorium

Friday, Februrary 22 - Saturday, February 23
Host: Eric KramonAssistant Professor of Political Science and International Affairs at George Washington University
Location: The Institute for African Studies, George Washington University (1957 E St NW Washington, DC 20052)
Poverty & Inequality Agenda
Elections, Representation, & Participation Agenda

Wi-Fi Instructions at GWU

Poverty & Inequality Working Group: Papers & Research Designs
Papers & Research Designs for the Poverty & Inequality Working Group

Rob BlairRestoring the Rule of Law After Civil War: A Field Experiment in Security and Justice Provision in Rural Colombia (Research Design)
Natalia BuenoDo Governments Make Dreams Come True? An Analysis of a Brazilian Housing Program (Research Design)
Ariel BenYishay: The Economic Efficiency of Aid Targeting (Paper)
Leopoldo Fergusson: Social Norms and the Collapse of Cooperative Behavior (Research Design)
Pia RafflerOverseeing Bureaucrats from Above and Below: Facility Incentives and Social Accountability in Uganda (Research Design)
Dan Posner: Using RFID Technology (Specifically, iBeacons) to Track the Leakage of Development Goods (Research Design)
Bilal Murtaza SiddiqiMaking Information Actionable: Experimental Evidence from Kenyan Courts (Research Design)
Godber Tumushabe: The impact of service delivery provision and governance data on campaign messages from parliamentary and district candidates in Uganda (Research Design)

Elections, Representation, & Participation Working Group: Papers & Research Designs
Papers & Research Designs for the Elections, Representation & Participation Working Group

David Broockman: The Impact of Partisan Media on American politics (Research Design)
José-Alberto Guerra: I bet you’ll vote next time: prize-linked incentive schemes and voter turnout (Research Design)
Don GreenElection Day Festivals and Voter Turnout: Results from Field Experiments in a Federal Midterm Election (Paper)
Eric Kramon: Field Experiment on Presidential Debates in Malawi (Research Design)
John MarshallInformation and coordination: An informational experiment to improve electoral accountability in Mexico (Paper)
Ghazala Mansuri: Incentivizing Local Governance: Public Grants and Information Campaigns as Performance Based Rewards for Elected Politicians (Paper)
Umberto MignozzettiBalancing Public and Elite Preferences: Foreign Policy Evidence from Brazil (Research Design)
Victoria ShinemanWhat Really Happens When Non-US Citizens Vote in American Elections? A Field Experiment Mobilizing Noncitizen Residents to Legally Vote in American Local Elections (Research Design)

Joint Sessions:
Methodology Talk by Teppei Yamamoto: Incorporating Subjects' Preferences over Treatment Conditions in Experimental Designs: Patient Preference Trials. [Corresponding Paper
Discussion Activity: Field Experiments: Ethics in Practice