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ID Title Authors Gated Until Status
20190313AE Dividing the American Voter: What Conjoint Analysis Tells Us About Behavioral Voting and American’s Preference Utilities on Contentious Policy Issues Alex S. Bluestone
20190313AD Targeting Domestic Public Opinion With the Military: A Gun Control Survey Experiment Paul Merklinger
20190313AC Collective Action and Solid Waste Collection in Zomba, Malawi Jake Bowers, Nuole Chen, Boniface Dulani, Chris Grady, Matthew Winters
20190313AB The Rise of Majority-Ethnic Nationalism and Social Cohesion among Marginalised Groups: Experimental Evidence from India Emmy Lindstam, Shardul Vaidya
20190313AA Increasing Compliance with the Hospital Hand Hygiene Protocol: Nudging or Boosting? (This design is gated) Henrico van Roekel 06/01/2019
20190312AA Media Sources, Fake News and Trust (This design is gated) Paul C. Bauer, Bernhard Clemm von Hohenberg 12/31/2019
20190311AC What values produce change in environmental attitudes? Darren Hawkins, Christopher Karpowitz, Abigail Higham, Ashlyn Bodily
20190311AB Guilt By Association: Do Dissident Allies Undermine Rightful Resistance in Authoritarian Regimes? Paul Schuler, Mai Truong
20190311AA The Effects of State Media on Opinion Formation (This design is gated) Jennifer Pan, Yiqing Xu, Zijie Shao 03/12/2020
20190310AA Study on Willingness on Wait Times to Vote Compared with Other Tasks CCES 2018 Pre-Election Wave (This design is gated) Lisa A. Bryant, Lonna R. Atkeson, Paul Gronke 08/31/2019
20190309AA Social investments of mining companies and citizen engagement in local governance Fritz Brugger, Selina Bezzola
20190307AA Excessive Alcohol Consumption and Violent Brawls: A Randomized Controlled Trial with Bartenders in Bogotá, Colombia Andrés Felipe Camacho, Andrés Ham, Darío Maldonado, Michael Weintraub
20190306AB Financing Development at Home: A Survey Experiment on Diaspora Members Lindsay Dolan, Alexandra O. Zeitz
20190306AA Public Perceptions of Local Partisan Elections Evan Crawford
20190305AA The effects of online social interactions on Asian American partisan attitudes Tanika Raychaudhuri
20190304AD Empathy and Political Judgements (This design is gated) Lala H. Muradova 12/01/2019
20190304AC Strategic Discrimination Regina Bateson
20190304AB Compliance in Survey Experimental Studies of Intent Stephen Roblin
20190304AA Does density matter to selection? Identifying variation in spatial preferences by political ideology (This design is gated) Riley Carney 07/01/2019
20190301AD Survey Experiment: Mission Trips and Immigration Attitudes (This design is gated) Shayla F. Olson 09/02/2020
20190301AC The Politics of Dehumanization (This design is gated) Ioana Panaitiu, Costas Panagopoulos 12/31/2019
20190301AB The Everyday State: Measuring the Power of Nationally Unifying Symbols (This design is gated) Jonathan Hassid 03/01/2020
20190301AA Measuring UK Attitudes towards Public Spending: Validation of Predictions from a Multivariate Tax Summary Experiment Lucy Barnes, Jack Blumenau, Benjamin Lauderdale
20190227AB Voting and Representation After Shelby: Did pre-clearance matter? Ariel White, Mayya Komisarchik
20190227AA Public Opinion on Politician Incivility & Apologies in the United States Yusaku Horiuchi, Jennifer Wu
20190225AA Authoritarian Endurance and Norm Change Leah Rosenzweig
20190223AC What is a Frame? Frames as Distinct from Priming and Learning Mackenzie Lockhart
20190223AB Collective Memory and Political Attitudes of Chinese Citizens (This design is gated) Yiqing Xu, Jiannan Zhao 12/31/2019
20190223AA Experimental Tests of Duverger’s Law in the Context of Salient Ethnic Divisions Karen Ferree
20190221AA The Electoral Risk of Engagement in EU Affairs Roman Senninger, Daniel Bischof
20190220AC Voter Mobilization in Sierra Leone Kevin Grieco, Niccolo Meriggi, Maarten Voors
20190220AB Who can spot fake news? Testing perception versus reality with survey, experiment, and web traffic data (post-election replication and extension) (This design is gated) Andrew Guess, Benjamin Lyons, Jacob Montgomery, Brendan Nyhan, Jason Reifler 05/03/2020
20190220AA Effects of fake news tips and fake news exposure (fall 2018 replication and extension) (This design is gated) Andrew Guess, Benjamin Lyons, Jacob Montgomery, Brendan Nyhan, Jason Reifler 05/03/2020
20190219AA The psychology and politics of sunk cost. Evidence from a survey experiment with Danish politicians Jon Ahlberg
20190215AF Information and Politicians’ Beliefs About Election-Related Violence (This design is gated) Steven Rosenzweig 05/16/2019
20190215AE Talking Across Boundaries: Intergroup Disagreement and Outgroup Attitudes (part of the Trans Mountain Pipeline Experiment) (This design is gated) Edana Beauvais, Dietlind Stolle 03/15/2019
20190215AD Measuring Attitudes Toward Indigenous Peoples (part of the Trans Mountain Pipeline Experiment) (This design is gated) Edana Beauvais 03/15/2019
20190215AC Does Ethnicity Impact Perceptions Competence and Electability? (part of the Trans Mountain Pipeline Experiment) (This design is gated) Edana Beauvais, Dietlind Stolle 03/15/2019
20190215AB Does Exposure to Disagreement Induce More Considered Public Opinions? (This design is gated) Lala H. Muradova 01/01/2020
20190215AA Contact in the Classroom: A Field Experiment on Virtual Intergroup Contact in Elementary Schools Salma Mousa
20190213AE The micro-foundations of macro-competence: A comparative experimental study of parties’ valence evaluations Robert Johns, Ann-Kristin Kölln
20190213AD Identifying Americans’ Immigration Policy Preferences via Conjoint Analysis Jeremy Ferwerda, Yusaku Horiuchi, Genna Liu
20190213AC Will My Neighbor Join Me? The Information Effects of NGOs on Political Behavior Stephen Winkler
20190213AB Federalism Salience and Federal Policy Support Jon Green
20190213AA Participatory Democracy as Electoral Base-Building: The Uses of Binding Participatory Institutions by Political Parties in Latin America Jared Abbott
20190212AB Partisan Stereotypes David Bracken
20190212AA Motivations for Self-Censorship: A Study of Confucius Institute Teachers (This design is gated) Jennifer Pan, Tongtong Zhang, Yingjie Fan 02/15/2020
20190208AA Politicians’ Use of Uncivil and Simplified Communication: Decreasing Political Trust, Increasing Persuasive Power? (This design is gated) Ine Goovaerts, Sofie Marien 01/01/2020
20190206AC The Effects of Moving to Opportunity on Youth Political Behavior Tali Mendelberg
20190206AB Come Hell or High Water: Migration Behaviour under the Risk of Dying (This design is gated) Daniel Auer, Max Schaub 10/31/2019