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ID Title Authors Gated Until Status
20190823AA Who supports mano dura? A candidate conjoint experiment in Morelia, Mexico Lauren Young, Thomas Zeitzoff, Hannah Baron
20190822AC Changing Immigration Attitudes Tyler Reny, Justin Gest
20190822AB A Survey Experiment on Partisanship and Expressive Voting Eli Gavin Rau
20190822AA Priming Empathy through Family History to Increase Support for Immigrants and Immigration Scott Williamson, Claire Adida, Adeline Lo, Melina Platas, Lauren Prather, Seth Werfel
20190821AA Voting for parliamentary rebels as expressive act (This design is gated) Dominik Duell, Jonathan Slapin 12/31/2019
20190819AB Dirty Words in Clean Energy Politics Emily Pechar Diamond, Jack Zhou
20190819AA Public Support for a Trade Dispute: Survey Experiments in South Korea and Japan Seiki Tanaka, Sijeong Lim
20190816AA Preferences Toward Globalization and Technology Policies Nicole Wu
20190815AA Role of Public Media in Rhetoric and Propaganda: Evidence from Survey Experiments in Japan Seiki Tanaka, Atsushi Tago, Taka-aki Asano
20190814AC Pre-Analysis Plan: Increasing Tax Compliance in Malawian Markets Lucy Martin, Brigitte Seim
20190814AB Segregation, Spatial Spillovers and Political Polarization: Understanding the Mechanisms that Link Segregation to Public Goods Provision in Cities (This design is gated) Alice Xu 06/01/2020
20190814AA Income Classifications and Public Support for Foreign Aid Lindsay Dolan
20190813AB Preferences during the Economic Recovery (This design is gated) Jose Fernandez-Albertos, Alexander Kuo, Ignacio Jurado 03/14/2020
20190813AA Pre-Analysis Plan for an Experiment on Confidence in the Police, Fear of Retaliation, and Willingness to Report Drug-Related Crimes: Evidence from Uruguay Juan A. Bogliaccini, Diego Pereira, Juan Ignacio Pereira, James Monogan
20190812AB Salient Events and Theories of Power Gabriel Nahmias
20190812AA The IMF Betrayed the People! A Survey Experiment on Populism and Blame Attribution Ayse Kaya, Sam Handlin, Hakan Gunaydin
20190810AB Changing Social Norms Via Local Radio Donald Green, Dylan Groves, Constantine Manda
20190810AA Partisanship and Support for Democracy – Lucid Study (This design is gated) Matthew H Graham 08/08/2020
20190808AB Do Voters Communicate Different Expectations to Female Politicians? (This design is gated) Daniel Butler, Elin Naurin, Patrik Öhberg 02/01/2020
20190808AA United We Stand, Divided We Fall? How Signals of Activist Unity Affect Attraction to Social Movements Lisa Mueller
20190807AB Anxiety Among Marginalized Groups Most Prone to Anxiousness and What it Means for Politics Andrew W. Podob
20190807AA The Political Economy of AI-driven Automation Karen Jeffrey
20190806AA Persuading the Public about Nuclear Weapons (This design is gated) Jonathon Baron, Rebecca Davis Gibbons, Stephen Herzog 02/09/2021
20190804AA Conditional Ethnic Loyalty: Latino Support for Coethnic Candidates Derek Wakefield
20190802AA Trading Favors: A Conjoint Experiment About Community Organizing and Local Politics Alicia Cooperman
20190731AE Effect of Social Identities on Support for Egalitarian Gender Ideology (This design is gated) Katharine Khanna 02/05/2021
20190731AD The Importance of Retributive Justice under Uncertainty Paige Bollen, Lily Tsai, Jon Mellon, Tiago Peixoto, Johannes Hemker
20190731AC The Importance of Retributive Justice under Uncertainty using the World Values Survey Paige Bollen, Lily Tsai, Jon Mellon, Tiago Peixoto, Johannes Hemker
20190731AB Do Women Make More Credible Threats? Gender Stereotypes, Audience Costs, and Crisis Bargaining Joshua A. Schwartz, Christopher W. Blair
20190731AA Comparative Information and Cognitive Processing Keena Lipsitz
20190730AA A Way Out? Apprenticeship Training, Employment and Social Transformation in Northern Nigeria Benjamin Crost, Oeindrila Dube, Marcus Holmlund, Eric Mvukiyehe
20190729AB Participation in Kenyan Budget Processes: Empowerment, Governance, and Well-being Michael Touchton, Brian Wampler
20190729AA Narrative Risk Communication: A Lingua Franca for Hazard Preparation? (This design is gated) Nicholas T. Bergmann, Clemente Izurieta, Jamie McEvoy, Geoffrey C. Poole, Eric D. Raile, Richard C. Ready, Ann Marie Reinhold, Elizabeth A. Shanahan 01/29/2021
20190726AA What Should We Be Allowed to Post? Citizens’ Preferences for Online Hate Speech Regulation Simon Munzert, Richard Traunmüller, Andrew Guess, Pablo Barberá, JungHwan Yang
20190725AA Interest Groups, Policy Representation and the Legitimacy of Governance (This design is gated) Anne Rasmussen, Stefanie Reher 03/01/2020
20190724AD Hierarchy of Problem Pressure? The layering and gradation of risks on demand for social protection in Brazil (This design is gated) Sarah Berens, Franziska Deeg 08/31/2020
20190724AC Trade, Migration and Social Policy: How international trade risks and migration flows affect welfare deservingness perception in Brazil (This design is gated) Sarah Berens, Franziska Deeg 08/31/2020
20190724AB Corruption and Social Policy How corruption allegation influences support for social and security policies in Brazil (This design is gated) Sarah Berens, Franziska Deeg 08/31/2020
20190724AA Fiscal Consolidation and Time Inconsistent Policy Preferences Evelyne Hübscher, Thomas Sattler, Zbigniew Truchlewski
20190723AA Just Transition in Jharkhand, India Michaël Aklin, Brian Blankenship, Johannes Urpelainen
20190722AC Cooperation across ideological divide: Post-conflict reconciliation in Korea Han Il Chang, Leonid Peisakhin
20190722AB Disclosing sensitive identities and the impact on resource allocation (This design is gated) Maria Abascal, Kinga Makovi, Anahit Sargsyan 12/10/2020
20190722AA Entrenched versus Shallow Norms in Foreign Policy: Evidence on the Chemical and Nuclear Weapons Taboos Christopher W. Blair, Jonathan A. Chu, Joshua A. Schwartz
20190719AB “They’re Talking About Us”: Latino Perceptions of Implicit and Explicit Anti-Latino Appeals Ali Valenzuela, Derek Wakefield
20190719AA Mobilizing voters to mobilize MPs for a second referendum (This design is gated) Joshua Townsley, Stuart Turnbull-Dugarte, Florian Foos 02/01/2020
20190718AC Priming Affective and Policy-based Partisanship (This design is gated) Matthew H Graham, Gregory Huber 07/18/2020
20190718AB Comprehensive Sexual Education Impact Assessment: Human Rights effects and International Law systematic review Belinda Budde
20190718AA What Motivates Citizens to Trust Political Leaders? Probing the Evaluative Criteria Underlying Trust in Political Actors Ebe Ouattara, Eefje Steenvoorden, Tom van der Meer
20190717AC Does Message Distortion by Rivals Affect Parties’ Policy Images? (This design is gated) Zeynep Somer-Topcu, Margit Tavits 01/22/2021
20190717AB Incivility and Distrust Towards Politics and Media: The Effect of Post- Debate Media Coverage (This design is gated) Ine Goovaerts 08/01/2020