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ID Title Authors Gated Until Status
20200309AB Policy by Legislation or Policy by Decree? Understanding Attitudes toward Lawmaking Processes in Democratic and Authoritarian Contexts Jonathan Chu, Scott Williamson
20200309AA The Effects of Failing on the Civil Service Exam (This design is gated) Nicholas Kuipers 03/12/2021
20200306AD (Mis)Perceptions of Electability in American Elections (This design is gated) Annabelle Hutchinson 03/06/2021
20200306AC The Contingency of Clientelism: Vote Buying and Voting Calculus (This design is gated) Kristen Kao, Ellen Lust 08/20/2021
20200306AB The Marginalization of Migrants: Examining the Differential Effects of Identity and Socio-Economic Status on the Acceptance of Migrants (This design is gated) Kristen Kao, Ellen Lust 08/20/2021
20200306AA Dispute Resolution in Sub-Saharan Africa: What Drives Turning to State Versus Non-State Authorities (This design is gated) Kristen Kao, Ellen Lust 08/20/2021
20200305AD Do Post-Election Audits Increase Confidence in Elections? A Study of American Citizens (This design is gated) Christian Grose, Nathan Micatka 02/14/2021
20200305AC Opportunistic Politicians and Clientelism (This design is gated) Tiago Peterlevitz 09/01/2020
20200305AB Argumentation and Majoritarian Policy Choice – Vol. 2 Catherine Hafer, Dimitri Landa
20200305AA Chinese Public Diplomacy on Twitter (This design is gated) Daniel Mattingly, James Sundquist 03/05/2021
20200304AA Rivalling Legal Orders and Determinants of Violence in Kosovo (This design is gated) Shpend Kursani, Krzysztof Krakowski 01/24/2021
20200303AA What Does Partisanship Mean for Voters? A Comparative Study Ikuma Ogura, Hirofumi Miwa
20200302AC Citizen Demand for Different Types of Clientelism Miquel Pellicer, Eva Wegner
20200302AB EU Citizens Direct Mail Experiment (This design is gated) Joshua Townsley, Stuart Turnbull-Dugarte 05/10/2020
20200302AA Clientelism, Processing of Performance Information, and Accountability Miquel Pellicer, Eva Wegner
20200301AA Secondary Education and Citizenship Formation in Kenya Jaimie Bleck, Robert Dowd, John Mugo, Jackline Oluoch-Aridi, Danice Guzman
20200228AA Experimental Test of Position Adoption Hypothesis Dennis Chong, Morris Levy
20200227AC Language as an Ideological Cue and the Irresponsiveness of Elected Representatives (This design is gated) Maria Dominguez Perez 12/18/2020
20200227AB Equal access to legislators? A lobbying experiment with interest groups in Spain (This design is gated) Maria Dominguez Perez 09/18/2020
20200227AA The Effects of information and policy endorsements on Thai domestic climate policy support Frank Grundig, Edward Morgan-Jones, Deekana Tipchanta
20200225AC Shared Disadvantage, Shared Identity? Explaining When and Why White Americans Support Non-Merit Based Admissions Policies (This design is gated) LaFleur Stephens-Dougan 08/21/2021
20200225AB Thinking Outside The Boxes Gabriel Borelli, Ryan Bell
20200225AA Discrimination against mobile EU citizens in Germany – Are bureaucrats different from the general public? Anita Manatschal, Carolin Rapp, Eva Thomann, Christian Adam, Oliver James, Xavier Fernández-i-Marín
20200224AA When does shaming work? An experimental study of public opposition to international norm violations in Sweden Faradj Koliev, Jonas Tallberg, Douglas Page
20200223AA Authority and Legitimacy: Evidence from Cross-National Conjoint Endorsement Experiments (This design is gated) Kate Baldwin, Kristen Kao, Ellen Lust 08/20/2021
20200220AA Beyond Disgust-as-Pathogen: Moral Disgust for Politics (This design is gated) Andrew W. Podob 05/02/2020
20200219AE Deterrence in the Cyber Realm: Public versus private cyber capability (This design is gated) Nadiya Kostyuk 02/23/2021
20200219AD Processing Information in Post-Conflict Contexts Natalia Garbiras Diaz, Miguel Garcia-Sanchez, Aila Matanock
20200219AC Labor Market Volatility, Gender, and Trade Preferences Ryan Brutger
20200219AB What does a (nearly) free house get you? Evidence from a large scale randomized policy experiment in Brazil Chad Hazlett, Fernando Barros de Mello
20200219AA Institutions of Belief: The effects of institutional design on religious freedom Joel Selway, Brady Earley
20200218AA Economic Inequality, Discontent, and Political Instability in China (This design is gated) Jiannan Zhao 12/31/2020
20200217AB Can Americans Depolarize? Assessing the Effects of a Red/Blue Workshop Experiment Hannah Baron, Robert Blair, Donghyun Danny Choi, Laura Gamboa, Jessica Gottlieb, Amanda Robinson, Steven Rosenzweig, Megan M. Turnbull, Emily West
20200217AA Elections And The Time Horizons of Politicians: A Three-Year Panel Experiment with Local Elected Representatives (This design is gated) Jack Lucas, Lior Sheffer, Peter Loewen 08/17/2021
20200216AB Marital Preferences in China’s Marriage Market Siwei Cheng, Yiqing Xu, Leo Y. Yang
20200216AA Banklash: The Effects of Media Portrayals of Banks (This design is gated) Pepper Culpepper, Jae-Hee Jung, Taeku Lee 08/01/2020
20200215AA War on Clientelism Sergi Martínez, Ariane Aumaitre, Fotini-Maria Vassou
20200214AD Fighting Scapegoating in the Rusizi Plains: An Evaluation of the Media for Dialogue Program in Central Africa Jeffrey Conroy-Krutz
20200214AC How Parental Leave Policies Shape Beliefs toward Gender Equality (This design is gated) Petra Schleiter, Margit Tavits, Dalston Ward 08/14/2021
20200214AB How Do Religious Appeals Shape Intergroup Tolerance and Radicalization? Evidence from Burkina Faso (This design is gated) Allison N. Grossman, William G. Nomikos, Niloufer Siddiqui 08/14/2021
20200214AA Land Allocation and Development: Understanding Intra-Household Bargaining in Myanmar Edmund Malesky, Lakshmi Iyer, Alexandra C. Hartman
20200213AA In the Eyes of the Rising Power: Power Shifts and Chinese Public Support for the Use of Force Joshua Byun, D.G. Kim, Sichen Li
20200212AD Discourse entrepreneurs? Radical-right success and emotions in the political debate Tobias Widmann, Vicente Valentim
20200212AC Avoiding the Blame Game: The Domestic Political Costs of Aid Withdrawal Cleo O'Brien-Udry
20200212AB Impact Evaluation of BISP's Transition to Biometric Verification Muhammad Haseeb, Bilal Murtaza Siddiqi, Kate Vyborny, Amen Jalal
20200212AA Citizen Participation in Hybrid Regimes Danielle Jung, Pearce Edwards, Patrick Pierson
20200211AF Experimental Evidence of the Sources of Support for Anti-Human Trafficking Policy (This design is gated) Rachel Harmon 02/11/2021
20200211AE Gender-Based Asylum: Public Perceptions of Asylum Seekers and the Role of Gender (This design is gated) Hannah Fleischmann, David R. Davis 02/12/2021
20200211AD Ethnic Representational Priorities and Citizen Action (This design is gated) William O'Brochta 05/31/2021
20200211AC Citizen Responses to Ethnic Representation (This design is gated) William O'Brochta 05/31/2021