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México Evalúa is an independent think tank that provides evidence on the quality and effectiveness of Mexican public policies by analyzing their design, monitoring their implementation, and evaluating their results. The work is separate in two major fields: public safety and justice and effectiveness of public expenditure, accountability and the fight against corruption. The Public Safety and Justice Program produce multidisciplinary analyses and evidence on public safety, crime prevention, victimization, effectiveness of the criminal justice system and social rehabilitation. The Public Expenditure and Accountability Program monitors the use of public resources, analyzes the budget design process and its supplementary arrangements during the fiscal year, focusses on the effectiveness of public investment in infrastructure, evaluates the reforms proposed by the different political parties on transparency and the fight against corruption and proposes regulatory improvements towards an effective accountability.

Institutional Representative: Edna Jaime

Institution / Affiliation : Mexico Evalua

Geographical Region: North America

Policy: Corruption, Governance