Fernando is professor of Political Science at the Universidad Diego Portales. He works on two lines of research. First, he studies the determinants that explain different types of party survival. Second, he has conducted various studies with experimental methodology. He participated in a study on the impact of decentralization reform in small towns in Uruguay. Furthermore, Fernando co-authored with Thad Dunning (UC Berkeley), Felipe Monestier (ICP-UdelaR, Uruguay) and Rafael Pineiro (UCUDAL, Uruguay), a study of the collection and incentives for citizens to pay taxes in Montevideo, Uruguay. This study received funding from J-PAL Governance Initiative. Fernando received his PhD in Political Science from the Pontifica Universidad Catolica de Chile in 2013. His dissertation was entitled “How to Party? Static and Dynamic Party Survival in Latin America Consolidated Democracies”.

Email: fernando.rosenblatt@udp.cl

Website: www.icso.cl
Institution / Affiliation : Universidad Diego Portales

Geographical Region: South America
Methodology: Experimental Design
Policy: Governance