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Eric is an Assistant Professor in the Political Science Department at Florida State University. He received his PhD in Public Policy from Indiana University through the Department of Political Science and the School of Public and Environmental Affairs. Throughout his stay in Indiana he was affiliated with the Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis and the International Forestry Resources and Institutions program. He received a Masters degree in Economics and Bachelors in Economics and Political Science from Utah State University. Eric is interested in collective action in common pool resource management throughout the world. He uses experimental and quantitative methods to analyze the propensity of groups of people to successfully manage resources such as forests and rivers. He has a particular interest in applications from developing countries and has worked on projects in Bolivia, Bulgaria, Colombia, India, Kenya, Mexico, Nepal, Spain, and Uganda.


Institution / Affiliation : Florida State University

Geographical Region: Africa, Europe, South America
Methodology: Experimental Design, Field Experiments, Statistics
Policy: Development, Governance