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The Center for Economic Development Studies – CEDE – is one of the first and most important centers of economic and social research and consulting in the country. It is renowned for quality and innovation of its research, for having a team of highly qualified research and teaching professionals and for its impact on public policy issues in Colombia. The CEDE takes about 30 research and consulting projects per year, which involve both faculty and graduate students. The main lines of research CEDE are: Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Economic Development, Economic history, history of economic thought and economic theory. CEDE has carried out studies in the areas of economic competitiveness, growth and economic development, environment, demography, agricultural economics, environmental economics, economics of education, health economics, policy and institutional economics, social economic evaluation of projects, economic history, macroeconomic and financial sector, monetary and financial history, behavioral and experimental economics, industrial organization and regulation, tax policy, violence, security and conflict. CEDE also provides consulting services to private and public entities involved and / or responsible for the design and implementation of government economic and social policies in the country, assessing the impact of specific projects or programs designed or implemented by foundations and companies, and market analysis.

Institutional Representative: Andrés Moya

Website: CEDE Website

Geographical Region: South America
Methodology: Experimental Design, Field Experiments, Statistics
Policy: Conflict and Violence, Corruption, Development, Governance