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AidData is a research and innovation lab making information on development finance more accessible and actionable. Tracking more than $6 trillion dollars from 90+ donor agencies, AidData undertakes cutting-edge research on aid distribution and impact, geocodes and crowdsources aid information, and develops applications and custom data solutions for diverse stakeholders. The AidData team works with a wide range of partner organizations to collect, visualize, and analyze development finance for more effective development policy, practice, and research.

In 2010, AidData released its searchable data portal which now includes over one million past and present development finance activities from over 90 funding agencies. The AidData data portal is a platform for testing new ways to make development finance information more relevant for researchers, policymakers, practitioners and citizens. Outreach to emerging donors and private foundations, which account for a growing share of global aid flows, is an important part of this work. Additional descriptive information is also culled from related documents, making it easier for users to understand how aid funds are being spent. In addition to these publicly available resources, AidData provides services for development organizations that require custom solutions for managing or analyzing aid information.

Institutional Representative: Ariel BenYishay

Institution / Affiliation : AidData