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Abigail joined the University of Nottingham in summer 2011. Before coming to Nottingham, she was a researcher at the Centre for the Study of African Economies (CSAE) and the Oxford Department of International Development. She is also an associate of the Nuffield Centre for Experimental Social Science and the Institute of Fiscal Studies. She has designed and implemented a variety of lab and lab-type experiments involving students in several countries, villagers in Zimbabwe, Colombia, Uganda, Nigeria, and Sri Lanka, private-sector waged workers and unemployed people in the UK, Chile, Peru, Ghana, South Africa, and Spain and health workers and teachers in Ethiopia, Uganda, and Albania. Four themes have dominated her work to date: the role of other-regarding preferences in individual decision-making; how people set up and hold each other to mutually beneficial agreements; citizens’ willingness and ability to hold public service providers to account; and the factors and mechanisms determining individual preferences and values.


Institution / Affiliation : University of Nottingham

Geographical Region: Africa, Europe, South America
Methodology: Experimental Design, Lab Experiments
Policy: Corruption, Development, Governance