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Brief 40: Development Assistance and Collective Action Capacity

In 2006, the UK government and the International Rescue Committee funded and implemented Community-Driven Reconstruction (CDR) projects across Liberia. Under these projects, a number of local councils throughout Liberia were given the chance to choose infrastructure projects for their villages and to implement their construction.


Brief 39: Attitudes Towards Risk and Illegal Behavior

First, subjects were surveyed on a variety of topics, including their main sources of income, attitudes towards the law, and whether they had ever broken any laws concerning limits on fishing. The survey also included questions on whether they had ever fished more than official quotas allowed. Approximately one third of respondents either admitted to overfishing, or to being charged with overfishing.


Brief 37: Voter and Candidate Response to Political Debates

Before the 2012 parliamentary elections, the research team identified 28 constituencies with relatively competitive elections (based on previous vote results, ethnic-partisan bias, and the whether the seat had recently changed parties). From these 28, 14 were randomly selected, and a civil society group called Search for Common Ground (SFCG) invited candidates from the three major parties to participate in debates. First, candidates answered some getting-to-know-you questions. Then, they answered questions on a variety of national policy issues.

Brief 35: Reducing Reconvictions Among Released Prisoners

To study the effectiveness of the Citizenship program on offenders of different risk profiles, the researchers used a stepped wedge cluster randomized controlled trial (RCT). The Citizenship program was introduced to six offices in the new probation area of Teeside, U.K. during 2007-2008. The sample encompassed 1,091 offenders, with 395 assigned to Citizenship and 696 assigned to control.