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Title Public Works and Welfare: A Randomized Control Trial of a Cash for Work Program Targeting the Poor in Comoros
ID 20181112AB
Eric Mvukiyehe
Email:  Institution / Affiliation : World Bank  EGAP member: No 
Olivier Sterck
Email:  Institution / Affiliation : University of Oxford  EGAP member: No 
B3 Acknowledgements This research has been made possible through a grant from the Jobs Umbrella Trust Fund, which is supported by the Department for International Development/UK AID, and the Governments of Norway, Germany, Austria, the Austrian Development Agency, and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency.
B4 Is one of the study authors a university faculty member? Yes
B5 Is this Registration Prospective or Retrospective? Registration prior to researcher analysis of outcome data
B6 Is this an experimental study? Yes
B7 Date of start of study 02/01/2016
B8 Should this study be gated? (discouraged)
B9 Was this design "cliniced" at an EGAP meeting? No
B10 Is there a pre-analysis plan associated with this registration? Yes
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