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Title Long-run Effects of Non-Food Item Vouchers in a Humanitarian Context: The Case of the Rapid Response to Movements of Population Program in Congo
ID 20180920AA
John Quattrochi
Email:  Institution / Affiliation : Simmons College  EGAP member: No 
Maarten Voors
Email:  Institution / Affiliation : Wageningen UR  EGAP member: Yes 
B3 Acknowledgements We would like to thank Tyler Thompson for excellent research assistance and Alexandra Blason, Yannick Brand, Gabriele Erba, Mia Jeong, Steven Michel, Pacifique Mugaruka, Anna Orlanidni, Aude Rigot, and Frederic Unterreiner at UNICEF for their comments and suggestions. We are grateful to seminar participants at the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative and the Harvard Center for Population and Development Studies, and to Jenny Aker, Jeremy Barofsky, Chris Blattman, Günther Fink, and Heather Lanthorn for comments and suggestions. We gratefully acknowledge funding from the International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie). All mistakes and errors are our own.
B4 Is one of the study authors a university faculty member? Yes
B5 Is this Registration Prospective or Retrospective? Registration prior to researcher access to outcome data
B6 Is this an experimental study? Yes
B7 Date of start of study 09/17/2018
B8 Should this study be gated? (discouraged)
B9 Was this design "cliniced" at an EGAP meeting? No
B10 Is there a pre-analysis plan associated with this registration? Yes
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