Title Community Policing Metaketa Project
ID 20180827AA
Graeme Blair
Email: graeme.blair@ucla.edu  Institution / Affiliation : UCLA  EGAP member: Yes 
Cyrus Samii
Email: cds2083@nyu.edu  Institution / Affiliation : New York University  EGAP member: Yes 
Jeremy Weinstein
Email: jweinst@stanford.edu  Institution / Affiliation : Stanford University  EGAP member: Yes 
Emile Badran
Email: emile@igarape.org.br  Institution / Affiliation : Igarapé Institute  EGAP member: No 
Robert Blair
Email: robert_blair@brown.edu  Institution / Affiliation : Brown University  EGAP member: Yes 
Thiemo Fetzer
Email: thiemo.fetzer@gmail.com  Institution / Affiliation : University of Warwick  EGAP member: No 
Rebecca Hanson
Email: r.hanson@ufl.edu  Institution / Affiliation : University of Florida  EGAP member: No 
Jacob Shapiro
Email: jns@princeton.edu  Institution / Affiliation : Princeton University  EGAP member: Yes 
Robert Muggah
Email: robert@igarape.org.br  Institution / Affiliation : Igarapé Institute  EGAP member: No 
Barbara Silva
Email: barbara@igarape.org.br  Institution / Affiliation : Igarapé Institute  EGAP member: No 
Matthew Nanes
Email: mnanes1@gmail.com  Institution / Affiliation : Stanford University  EGAP member: No 
Lily Tsai
Email: l_tsai@mit.edu  Institution / Affiliation : MIT  EGAP member: Yes 
Susan Hyde
Email: susanhyde@berkeley.edu  Institution / Affiliation : UC Berkeley  EGAP member: Yes 
B3 Acknowledgements The latest version of this preanalysis plan and associated replication materials is archived at https://doi.org/10.17605/OSF.IO/2JUYZ. We thank Jaclyn Leaver for her leadership and administration throughout the project;, Jason Lyall and Cyrus Samii for their substantial service in developing this project; Alex Coppock for methodological advice;, Catlan Reardon and Valerie Wirtschafter for research assistance; and Neal Fultz, Aaron Rudkin, and Luke Sonnet for coding assistance
B4 Is one of the study authors a university faculty member? Yes
B5 Is this Registration Prospective or Retrospective? Registration prior to realization of outcomes
B6 Is this an experimental study? Yes
B7 Date of start of study 02/01/2017
B8 Should this study be gated? (discouraged)
B9 Was this design "cliniced" at an EGAP meeting? No
B10 Is there a pre-analysis plan associated with this registration? Yes
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