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Title Moral Codes and Wartime Calculus: Assessing Public Attitudes about Civilian Casualties
ID 20180822AA
Sarah Kreps
Email:  Institution / Affiliation : Cornell University  EGAP member: No 
Stephen Roblin
Email:  Institution / Affiliation : Cornell University  EGAP member: No 
B3 Acknowledgements Earlier versions of this article were presented at the 2016 International Law, International Norms, and Public Opinion conference at Princeton University, the 2016 and 2017 annual meetings of the American Political Science Association, and the 2017 Survey, Research on Attitudes Towards Killing in War conference at the London School of Economics. For their helpful comments at various stages of the project, we are especially grateful to Bryce Corrigan, Sarah Maxey, Neil Narang, Adam Levine, and Ben Valentino., We would also like to thank Kevin Arceneaux, Michael Barnett, Dona-Gene Barton, Allison Carnegie, Janina Dill, Matthew Evangelista, Miles Evers, Courtney Hillebrecht, Pablo Kalmanovitz, Joshua Kertzer, Jonathan Kirshner, Melissa Lee, Bridget Marchesi,, Alison McQueen, Lauren Prather, Jessica Price, Scott Sagan, Rachel Stein, Geoffrey Wallace, Sergio Wals, Michael Walzer, and Karen Yarhi-Milo.
B4 Is one of the study authors a university faculty member? Yes
B5 Is this Registration Prospective or Retrospective? Registration prior to assignment of treatment
B6 Is this an experimental study? Yes
B7 Date of start of study 08/23/2018
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B8 Formerly Gated Until 08/23/2019
B9 Was this design "cliniced" at an EGAP meeting? No
B10 Is there a pre-analysis plan associated with this registration? Yes
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