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Title Impact Evaluation of a Judicial Sector Information Campaign in Mali
Post date 11/15/2018
C1 Background and Explanation of Rationale We test to see whether a civil-society led information campaign about the structure of the formal legal sector and citizens’ legal rights under it is sufficient to (a) increase citizens’ desire to use formal legal mechanisms and (b) improve individuals’ perceptions of the justice system and inform citizens’ broader perceptions of the state and its legitimacy.
C2 What are the hypotheses to be tested? See the pre-analysis plan.
C3 How will these hypotheses be tested? * We randomize the presence of the information campaign in 187 villages, blocking the randomization on cercle. We conduct baseline and endline household and elite surveys.
C4 Country Mali
C5 Scale (# of Units) 1,870 households in 187 villages
C6 Was a power analysis conducted prior to data collection? Yes
C7 Has this research received Insitutional Review Board (IRB) or ethics committee approval? Yes
C8 IRB Number NORC IRB Protocol Number 18.09.04; Michigan State University Study ID: STUDY00001375
C9 Date of IRB Approval NORC IRB: 09/06/2018; Michigan State University: 09/06/2018
C10 Will the intervention be implemented by the researcher or a third party? ADENORD, APDF, CRADE, and WILDAF under the auspices of the USAID-funded Mali Justice Project that is implemented by Checchi Consulting
C11 Did any of the research team receive remuneration from the implementing agency for taking part in this research? This impact evaluation is administered by NORC under an agreement with USAID’s Democracy, Rights and Governance Learning Center
C12 If relevant, is there an advance agreement with the implementation group that all results can be published? not provided by authors
C13 JEL Classification(s) K1, K4