To create a registration, you must first ensure that the authors of the registered design are in our datbase BEFORE you create the registration. (See complete list to the right)

Please read the full registration guidlines for more information.

Step 1

Search for your name in the list to the right. If it is not there, click here to add a new author. This link will open a new tab, please enter the authors information, save the form, and repeat this process for as many authors as you need to put into our database. Please note that this does NOT create an account on the website. If you need to change anything in the registration after submission, please email paps@egap.orgIf all authors are already in our database, you can skip this step and go on to step 2

Step 2

Click here to fill out and submit your registration. In field "B2 Authors", type the full names of the authors as entered in our database, separated by commas.