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20160409AB Reviving the Labor Market Competition Hypothesis of Anti-Immigrant Attitudes? Survey Experiment Evidence from a Nationally Representative Sample Jon Mellon
20160409AA Negative campaigns and the generation of uncertainty Dustin Gilbreath
20160408AA Attitudes towards Foreign Aid: Experimental Evidence from Africa John A Doces
20160406AA Ease of Doing Business Indicator in India Rush Doshi, Beth Simmons, Judith Kelley
20160405AB Foundations of Judicial Legitimacy: Evidence from a Survey Experiment Jessica Gottlieb, Joseph Ura
20160405AA How Do Pre-Election Alliances Shape Voters Preferences? Adam Ziegfeld
20160404AB Not in My Backyard: An Experimental Assessment of Public Reactions to International Prosecutions in the United States Stephen Chaudoin, Terrence Chapman
20160404AA Self-Interest and Older Americans’ Attitudes Towards Medicare Reform Jake Haselswerdt
20160401AA Conspiracy and Misperception Beliefs in the Middle East and North Africa Brendan Nyhan, Thomas Zeitzoff
20160330AA The Effects of Affirmative Action Laws in South Africa Brandon Summers, Tayla Salvesen, Jessica Babcock, Daniel Nielson
20160327AA In the Eyes of Donor Publics: Evaluating the Branding of Foreign Assistance (Pilot) Susan Hyde, Matthew Winters
20160324AA Persuasive function of abstract language frames in political issues Josephine Lukito
20160323AA Twins, Self-interest, and Voting Jens Olav Dahlgaard
20160321AA Perspectives of Migrants, Altruism, and Behavior Change Melissa Anne Carlson, Katerina Linos, Laura Jakli
20160318AA Can Politicians Shape Public Attitudes Towards Immigrants? René Flores
20160315AA Participatory Development in Fragile and Conflict-affected Contexts: An Impact Evaluation of the Tuungane Program Ann Laudati, Eric Mvukiyehe, Peter Van der Windt
20160313AA Overcoming Exclusion: Intergroup Contact and Prosocial Behavior Among Roma and non-Roma in Slovenia Ana Bracic
20160309AA Sequential Blocked Randomization for Internet-Based Survey Experiments Aaron Kaufman, Matthew Dale Kim
20160308AB Fall 2015 Virginia StrongerUS GOTV Canvass Experiment Joshua Kalla
20160308AA Forecasting Civil Wars Robert Blair, Nicholas Sambanis
20160225AA The Foundations of Social Policy Support: Experimental Evidence on How Institutional Quality Affects Redistributive Preferences Sarah Wilson Sokhey, Joseph B. Schaffer, Israel Marques II
20160224AB Pre-Analysis Plan: Political Parties and Voting in Bolivia Mathias Poertner
20160224AA The Sources of Credibility for Election Observation Organizations: A Global Experiment on Non-Governmental Organizations - Study 2 Susan Hyde, Judith Kelley, Daniel Nielson
20160222AA Educating for Democracy: An Impact Evaluation of the Momavlis Taoba (Future Generation) Project Altin Ilirjani, Molly Inman
20160219AA Policy Design and Public Assumptions: A Survey Experiment on the Submerged State Jake Haselswerdt
20160217AA The effects of geographic proximity to an highly sailent object Sofie Dencker, Lars Rugholm Nielsen
20160216AA Question Wording and the Measurement of Partisanship in Mexico Andy Baker
20160208AC Are Candidate Advertisements More Persuasive in English or in Spanish? Alejandro Flores, Alexander Coppock
20160208AB Frames and Counter-Frames in the Fracking Debate: A National Survey Experiment Patrick Bayer, Alexander Ovodenko
20160208AA How Can International Actors Build Interethnic Trust after Conflict? Evidence from a Lab-in-the-Field Experiment in Mali William G. Nomikos
20160121AA Internet Service Provision under Authoritarian Rule: A Field Experiment in Belarus Charles Crabtree, Nils Weidmann
20160119AA The Effects of Media Messages on Social Attitudes in Uganda Donald Green, Susanne Baltes, Jasper Jack Cooper, Anna Wilke
20160113AB Bypass Aid and Local Accountability Informational Intervention Kate Baldwin, Matthew Winters
20160113AA Bypass Aid and Local Accountability Survey Experiment Kate Baldwin, Matthew Winters
20160112AB Diversity in Undergraduate Admissions: Consensus or Disagreement among Students? Yusaku Horiuchi, John Michael Carey, Madeline M. Brown, Lauren K. Martin
20160112AA Accountability Among Traditional Leaders: A Pilot Experiment on Monitoring and Leakage in Malawi Elizabeth Carlson, Brigitte Seim
20160106AA Alternative Moderators on Electoral Accountability: Evidence from a Survey Experiment in Brazil (Study 2) Alejandro Avenburg
20160105AA A Frugal Innovation Approach to Dynamic Electricity Pricing in Rural India: A Field Experiment Semee Yoon, Sini Numminen, Peter Lund
20151218AA Social Lobbying Christian Grose, Pamela Lopez, Antoine Yoshinaka, Sara Sadhwani
20151209AA Evaluation of Madhya Pradesh Safe Cities Initiative Macartan Humphreys, Sarah Khan, Summer Lindsey
20151207AA Political spillovers of the European migrant crisis Frederik Hjorth
20151206AA Voter Support for Elite Politics in Africa? Evidence from A Conjoint Experiment in Côte d’Ivoire Nathaniel Cogley, John A Doces
20151204AA Does Codifying the Human Right to Water Change Public Opinion? Insights from a Survey Experiment in India Alison Post, Tanu Kumar, Katerina Linos
20151202AA Resource Distribution and Social Networks in DRC Paul Hofman, Martha Maryse Ross, Maarten Voors
20151201AB The Implications of Elite-Induced Opinion Change For Democratic Accountability Erik Peterson, Gabor Simonovits
20151201AA Italian fact-checking study Brendan Nyhan, Jason Reifler
20151128AA Finding the Right Security Sector Strategy: The Goldilocks Problem in Post-Conflict States Sabrina Karim
20151125AB Strategies for Stress Reduction to Address Support for Political Violence and Extremism Daphna Canetti, Joshua Gubler, Eran Zaidese, Thomas Zeitzoff
20151125AA Cautionary Vagueness and Probability Assessment in High-Stakes Decision Making Jeffrey Friedman
20151123AA Alternative Moderators on Electoral Accountability: Evidence from a Survey Experiment in Brazil Alejandro Avenburg