Can Trust Be Built Through Citizen Monitoring of Police Activity?

EGAP Pesquisadores responsáveis: Thiemo Fetzer, Robert Muggah, Pedro CL Souza, Emile Badran, Barbara Silva

Research Design:

Common treatment arm – We will use a spatially targeted Facebook advertising campaign to induce the creation of Rede de Vizinhos neighborhood watch groups, using social media to solve the coordination problem around group formation. The advertisement campaign will be administered at a neighborhood level across the 295 municipalities of Santa Catarina. The unit of treatment will be a neighborhood targeted by the information campaign, inducing creation of RdV groups.

Participatory Measurement, Monitoring, and Management of Groundwater in Northeast Brazil

EGAP Pesquisadores responsáveis: Brigitte Seim, Alicia Cooperman, Alexandra Richey

Research Design:

The unit of analysis is the community, which usually includes 10-200 households in a spatially distinct area. In most communities there is a cluster of small homes around a small town square with a church, school, and sometimes a communal water cistern. The study uses a “randomized control trial” methodology to evaluate these two programs in 120 communities across 10 randomly selected municipalities of Ceará. The two programs (treatment arms) will be: