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Lynn Vavreck is a professor of political science and communication studies at UCLA and a contributing columnist to The Upshot at The New York Times. She teaches courses on and writes about campaigns, elections, and public opinion. Professor Vavreck has published four books, including The Message Matters, which Stanley Greenberg called “required reading” for presidential candidates, and The Gamble, described by Nate Silver as the “definitive account” of the 2012 election. Her research on survey methods, sampling, and the effects of campaigns has been supported by grants from the National Science Foundation. Professor Vavreck has served on the advisory boards of the British and American National Election Studies and is the co-founder of the Cooperative Campaign Analysis Project. She holds a Ph.D. in political science from the University of Rochester and held previous appointments at Princeton University, Dartmouth College, and The White House. In 2014, she hosted Hillary Clinton at UCLA’s Luskin Lecture on Thought Leadership and in 2015 was named an inaugural Andrew F. Carnegie Fellow.


Institution / Affiliation : University of California Los Angeles

Geographical Region: North America

Policy: Elections