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Catherine Eckel is Sara & John Lindsey Professor of Economics and Director of the Initiative on Behavioral Economics and Public Policy at Texas A&M University. Her research bridges economics, psychology and sociology, and uses experimental methods to investigate differences in the behavior of women and men, gender- and race-based discrimination, charitable giving, trust and reciprocity, and attitudes toward risk, among other topics. In 2012 she received the Carolyn Shaw Bell Award from the Committee on the Status of Women of the American Economic Association for her efforts to advance women in economics. She was Ashbel Smith Professor of Economics and Director of the Center for Behavioral and Experimental Economic Science at the University of Texas at Dallas (2005-2012), and Professor of Economics and director of the Lab for the Study of Human Thought and Action at Virginia Tech (1983-2005). Her PhD in Economics is from the University of Virginia in 1983.


Institution / Affiliation : Texas A&M University

Geographical Region: North America
Methodology: Experimental Design, Lab Experiments
Policy: Development