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Title Authors Year of Publication Type of Publication
The Political Legacies Of Combat: Attitudes Towards War And Peace Among Israeli Ex-Combatants G. Grossman; D. Manekin; D. Miodownik 2014 Journal Article BibTex
Perils or Promise of Ethnic Integration? Evidence from a Hard Case in Burundi C. Samii 2013 Journal Article BibTex
Reintegrating rebels into civilian life: Quasi-experimental evidence from Burundi M. Gilligan; C. Samii; E. Mvukiyehe 2012 Journal Article BibTex
Civil war and social cohesion: lab-in-the-field evidence from Nepal M. Gilligan; B. Pasquale; C. Samii 2013 Journal Article BibTex
Commodity price shocks and civil conflict: Evidence from Colombia O. Dube; J.F. Vargas 2013 Journal Article BibTex
Political violence and social networks: Experimental evidence from a Nigerian election M. Fafchamps; P.C. Vicente 2013 Journal Article BibTex
Votes and violence: evidence from a field experiment in Nigeria P. Collier; P.C. Vicente 2014 Journal Article BibTex
Violent conflict and behavior: a field experiment in Burundi M.J. Voors; E.E.M. Nillesen; P. Verwimp; E.H. Bulte; R. Lensink; D.P. Van Soest 2012 Journal Article BibTex
The dictator game, fairness and ethnicity in postwar Bosnia S. Whitt; R.K. Wilson 2007 Journal Article BibTex
Confusion or fairness in the field? Rejections in the ultimatum game under the strategy method D.L. Bahry; R.K. Wilson 2006 Journal Article BibTex
Is it better not to talk? Group polarization, extended contact, and perspective taking in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo E.Levy Paluck 2010 Journal Article BibTex
The salience of social referents: A field experiment on collective norms and harassment behavior in a school social network. E.Levy Paluck; H. Shepherd 2012 Journal Article BibTex
Peer pressure against prejudice: A high school field experiment examining social network change E.Levy Paluck 2011 Journal Article BibTex
Deference, dissent, and dispute resolution: An experimental intervention using mass media to change norms and behavior in Rwanda E.Levy Paluck; D.P. Green 2009 Journal Article BibTex
Why does ethnic diversity undermine public goods provision? J. Habyarimana; M. Humphreys; D.N. Posner; J.M. Weinstein 2007 Journal Article BibTex
Do quotas promote ethnic solidarity? Field and natural experimental evidence from India T. Dunning 2010 Journal Article BibTex
Making sense of issues through media frames: Understanding the Kosovo crisis A.J. Berinsky; D.R. Kinder 2006 Journal Article BibTex
Foreign Aid, Human Rights and Democracy Promotion: Evidence from a Natural Experiment A. Carnegie; N. Marinov; P.M. Aronow 2014 Journal Article BibTex
From Cell Phones to Conflict? Reflections on the Emerging ICT-Political Conflict Research Agenda A. Dafoe; J. Lyall 2015 Journal Article BibTex
Can Civilian Attitudes Predict Civil War Violence? K. Hirose; K. Imai; J. Lyall 2013 Journal Article BibTex
Does indiscriminate violence incite insurgent attacks? Evidence from Chechnya J. Lyall 2009 Journal Article BibTex
Coethnic Bias and Wartime Informing J. Lyall; Y. Shiraito; K. Imai 2015 Journal Article BibTex
Can Civilian Attitudes Predict Civil War Violence? K. Hirose; K. Imai; J. Lyall 2015 Journal Article BibTex
Comparing and Combining List and Endorsement Experiments: Evidence from Afghanistan G. Blair; K. Imai; J. Lyall 2014 Journal Article BibTex
Statistical analysis of endorsement experiments: Measuring support for militant groups in Pakistan W. Bullock; K. Imai; J.N. Shapiro 2011 Journal Article BibTex
Explaining support for combatants during wartime: A survey experiment in Afghanistan J. Lyall; G. Blair; K. Imai 2013 Journal Article BibTex
How Does Development Assistance Affect Collective Action Capacity? Results from a Field Experiment in Post-Conflict Liberia J.D. Fearon; M. Humphreys; J.M. Weinstein 2014 Journal Article BibTex
Exporting Institutions: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Eastern Congo M. Humphreys; R.Sanchez de la Sierra; P. van der Windt 2013 Journal Article BibTex
Crowdseeding in Eastern Congo Using Cell Phones to Collect Conflict Events Data in Real Time P. van der Windt; M. Humphreys 2014 Journal Article BibTex
Can development aid contribute to social cohesion after civil war? Evidence from a field experiment in post-conflict Liberia J.D. Fearon; M. Humphreys; J.M. Weinstein 2009 Journal Article BibTex