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Title Authors Year of Publication Type of Publication
The Effect of Group Attachment and Social Position on Prosocial Behavior. Evidence from Lab-in-the-Field Experiments D. Baldassarri; G. Grossman 2013 Journal Article BibTex
Centralized sanctioning and legitimate authority promote cooperation in humans D. Baldassarri; G. Grossman 2011 Journal Article BibTex
A Revealed Preference Approach to the Elicitation of Political Attitudes: Experimental Evidence on Anti-Americanism in Pakistan L. Bursztyn; M. Callen; B. Ferman; A. Hasanain; N. Yuchtman 2014 Miscellaneous BibTex
Using experimental economics to measure social capital and predict financial decisions D.S. Karlan 2005 Journal Article BibTex
Prejudice reduction: What works? A review and assessment of research and practice E.Levy Paluck; D.P. Green 2009 Journal Article BibTex
Bridging the qualitative-quantitative divide: Best practices in the development of historically oriented replication databases E.S. Lieberman 2010 Journal Article BibTex
Experimentation and political science: six applications P.John Loewen 2008 Journal Article BibTex
Social preferences and political participation C.T. Dawes; P.John Loewen; J.H. Fowler 2011 Journal Article BibTex
Pocket Protests: Rhetorical Coercion and the Micropolitics of Collective Action in Semiauthoritarian Regimes J.M.K. Lyall 2006 Journal Article BibTex
Are coethnics more effective counterinsurgents? Evidence from the Second Chechen War J. Lyall 2010 Journal Article BibTex
Straight ahead on red: how foreign direct investment empowers subnational leaders E.J. Malesky 2008 Journal Article BibTex
A graphical approximation to generalization: Definitions and diagrams F.Martel García; L. Wantchekon 2013 Journal Article BibTex
Monoamine oxidase A gene (MAOA) predicts behavioral aggression following provocation R. McDermott; D. Tingley; J. Cowden; G. Frazzetto; D.D.P. Johnson 2009 Journal Article BibTex
Overconfidence in wargames: experimental evidence on expectations, aggression, gender and testosterone D.D.P. Johnson; R. McDermott; E.S. Barrett; J. Cowden; R. Wrangham; M.H. McIntyre; S.Peter Rosen 2006 Journal Article BibTex
Testing for publication bias in political science A.S. Gerber; D.P. Green; D. Nickerson 2001 Journal Article BibTex
Causes of Noncompliance with International Law: A Field Experiment on Anonymous Incorporation M.G. Findley; D.L. Nielson; J.C. Sharman 2015 Journal Article BibTex
Help Me Help You: Conducting Field Experiments with Political Elites P.John Loewen; D. Rubenson; L. Wantchekon 2010 Journal Article BibTex
The elements of political persuasion: content, charisma and cue T. Dewan; M. Humphreys; D. Rubenson 2014 Journal Article BibTex
Cross-cutting Cleavages, Discrimination and Inter-Personal Financial Transfers-A Lab Experiment in Chennai, India T. Bossuroy; J. Selway 2011 Journal Article BibTex
Validity of open-ended and payment scale approaches to eliciting willingness to pay C. Donaldson; R. Thomas; D.J. Torgerson 1997 Journal Article BibTex
The political costs of crisis bargaining: Presidential rhetoric and the role of party R.F. Trager; L. Vavreck 2011 Journal Article BibTex
Testing the ‘brain gain’hypothesis: Micro evidence from Cape Verde C. Batista; A. Lacuesta; P.C. Vicente 2012 Journal Article BibTex
Using artefactual field experiments to learn about the incentives for sustainable forest use in developing economies M. Voors; E. Bulte; A. Kontoleon; J.A. List; T. Turley 2011 Journal Article BibTex
Exploring whether behavior in context-free experiments is predictive of behavior in the field: Evidence from lab and field experiments in rural Sierra Leone M. Voors; T. Turley; A. Kontoleon; E. Bulte; J.A. List 2012 Journal Article BibTex
Trust in transitional societies: experimental results from Russia D. Bahry; R.K. Wilson 2004 Journal Article BibTex
Advice and Consent Unitary Actors, Advisory Models, and Experimental Tests P.J. Haney; R.Q. Herzberg; R.K. Wilson 1992 Journal Article BibTex
Costly Agendas and Spatial Voting Games: Theory and Experiments on Agenda Access Costs R. Herzberg; R. Wilson 1991 Journal Article BibTex
Negative decision powers and institutional equilibrium: experiments on blocking coalitions R.K. Wilson; R. Herzberg 1987 Journal Article BibTex
Internet cautions: Experimental games with internet partners C.C. Eckel; R.K. Wilson 2006 Journal Article BibTex
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Cooperation and status in organizations C.C. Eckel; E. Fatas; R. Wilson 2010 Journal Article BibTex
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Leadership and credibility in n-person coordination games R.K. Wilson; C.M. Rhodes 1997 Journal Article BibTex
“Liar, liar...” Cheap talk and reputation in repeated public goods settings R.K. Wilson; J. Sell 1997 Journal Article BibTex
Confusion or fairness in the field? Rejections in the ultimatum game under the strategy method D.L. Bahry; R.K. Wilson 2006 Journal Article BibTex
Is trust a risky decision? C.C. Eckel; R.K. Wilson 2004 Journal Article BibTex
The observer effect in international politics: Evidence from a natural experiment S.D. Hyde 2007 Journal Article BibTex
Evaluating online labor markets for experimental research: Amazon. com's Mechanical Turk A.J. Berinsky; G.A. Huber; G.S. Lenz 2012 Journal Article BibTex
Reflections on the ethics of social experimentation M. Humphreys 2015 Journal Article BibTex
Multivariate continuous blocking to improve political science experiments R.T. Moore 2012 Journal Article BibTex
A general approach to causal mediation analysis. K. Imai; L. Keele; D. Tingley 2010 Journal Article BibTex