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Brief 65: Effects of A Campaign Against Vote Buying in Uganda

The authors estimate the effects of an anti-vote buying campaign carried out in the five weeks prior to the election by the Alliance for Election... Read More...

Brief 64: The Moderating Effect of Debates in Ghana

The authors conducted their study in three constituencies selected to include communities that were electorally competitive or strongholds for either... Read More...

Brief 63: Impact of Negative Messages on Voter Turnout and Donations in the U.S.

This study was implemented during two local elections for county legislature during the 2010 general election in the U.S. Registered voters who had... Read More...

Nahomi Ichino

Nahomi Ichino is an assistant professor in the Department of Political Science and a Faculty Associate of the Center for Political... Read More

Eric Kramon

Eric Kramon is an Assistant Professor of Political Science and International Affairs at George Washington University. He received his PhD in... Read More

Erin Hartman

Erin Hartman is an Assistant Professor of Statistics and Political Science at UCLA. Her recent research focuses on creating new methods–including... Read More

Rosario Aguilar

Rosario Aguilar is associate professor of political science at Newcastle University. Her research interests are in identity politics, focusing on... Read More