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ID Title Authors Gated Until Status
20181127AC Adaptive conjoint study on campaign contributions Molly Offer-Westort, Alexander Coppock, Donald Green
20181127AB Medicaid Work Requirements and Perceived Target Populations Experiment Jake Haselswerdt
20181127AA The coattails effect and the preferences formation: a survey experiment in Brazil Vinícius Silva Alves
20181126AB Parallel Ads to Mint Partisans Alexander Coppock, Donald Green, Ethan Porter
20181126AA Performance Based Management and Meritocracy in Russian Public Service: Experimental Evidence (This design is gated) Aleksandr Kalgin, Andrei Yakovlev, Maria K. Milosh, Anastasia D. Kazun 05/01/2020
20181125AA Political Selection under Economic Distress Felix Hartmann
20181123AA Do gender quotas improve political participation? Evidence from a natural experiment in Delhi Tanushree Goyal
20181120AC Poverty alleviation and support for Islamist insurgency Mohammad Razaq Isaqzadeh
20181120AB Does UN Peace Enforcement Reduce Violence? Assessing Peacekeeping at the Local Level Patrick Hunnicutt, William G. Nomikos
20181120AA How to Improve Elite Perceptions of Public Opinion? Experimental Evidence Miguel Pereira
20181115AD Impact Evaluation of a Judicial Sector Information Campaign in Mali Jeffrey Conroy-Krutz, Matthew Winters
20181115AC How Constituency Service Shapes Voters' Preferences Over Legislators George Ofosu
20181115AB Can Celebrities Reduce Prejudice? The case of Mohamed Salah A pre- analysis plan Ala' Alrababa'h, William Marble, Salma Mousa, Alexandra A. Siegel
20181115AA Florida Pre-Roll Ad Experiment: 2018 Midterm Elections¬ Alexander Coppock, Donald Green, Ethan Porter
20181114AA How Does Exposure to Online Partisan Media Affect Political Attitudes and Behavior? Andrew Guess, Pablo Barberá, Simon Munzert, JungHwan Yang
20181113AA The Myth of the Misinformed Irregular Migrant? Insights from Nigeria Bernd Beber, Alex Scacco
20181112AD Politics of Defense Spending Jeffrey Friedman
20181112AC V-Dem Update Experiments 2018 Daniel Pemstein, Brigitte Seim
20181112AB Public Works and Welfare: A Randomized Control Trial of a Cash for Work Program Targeting the Poor in Comoros Eric Mvukiyehe, Jules Gazeaud, Olivier Sterck
20181112AA Can providing information to politicians reduce hiring irregularities and increase bureaucratic effectiveness? A field experiment on within-government accountability in Brazil Guillermo Toral
20181111AA Religiosity, calling and basic psychological needs satisfaction among civil servants in Russian subnational government (This design is gated) Aleksandr Kalgin, Andrei Yakovlev, Maria K. Milosh 04/01/2020
20181110AA Polarization, Emotions and Democratic Consequences Jennifer McCoy, Abigail Bowen, Clark DeMas, Daniel Lanford
20181108AC Intensive Latinx Youth GOTV: Voter Mobilization prior to the 2018 Midterm Elections Donald Green, Melissa Michelson
20181108AB Pre-Analysis Plan: The Wall and the Welfare State - How changes in trade interdependency between the U.S. and Mexico affect risk perception and individual social policy preferences Sarah Berens, Franziska Deeg
20181108AA Winning Hearts and Minds: The Role of Cultural, Economic and Security Considerations on the Successful Integration of Syrian Refugees in Turkey Anna Getmansky, Konstantinos Matakos, Tolga Sinmazdemir
20181107AA Perceptions of Security and the Sources of State and Non-State Legitimacy in Post-Conflict Settings (This design is gated) Eric Stollenwerk, William G. Nomikos 03/01/2020
20181106AF Who can spot fake news? Testing perception versus reality with survey, experiment, and web traffic data (This design is gated) Andrew Guess, Benjamin Lyons, Jacob Montgomery, Brendan Nyhan, Jason Reifler 05/06/2020
20181106AE Effects of fake news tips and fake news exposure (This design is gated) Andrew Guess, Benjamin Lyons, Jacob Montgomery, Brendan Nyhan, Jason Reifler 05/06/2020
20181106AD Reducing Voting Non-Response to Vote Choice in Surveys using Sensitive Survey Item Techniques Mollie J. Cohen, Kaitlen J. Cassell
20181106AC Intensive Spanish-Language GOTV: Voter Mobilization prior to the 2018 Midterm Elections Melissa Michelson, Stephanie L. DeMora
20181106AB Intensive D.C. GOTV: Voter Mobilization prior to the 2018 Midterm Elections Melissa Michelson, Jamil Scott, Stephanie L. DeMora
20181106AA Identity as Dependent Variable: A Survey Experiment Patrick J. Egan
20181105AC Voting Festivals as a Method of GOTV: Voter Mobilization in the 2018 Elections Donald Green, Oliver A McClellan
20181105AB Legislator Influence on Beliefs and Behavior Donald Green, Oliver A McClellan
20181105AA Encouraging Cooperation with the State - A Field Experiment on Household Connections to the Police Anna Wilke
20181102AD Social Pressure Bipartisanship Paul Gross, Alexander Coppock
20181102AC Foreign Actors and Trust in Elections in Georgia (This design is gated) Sarah Bush, Lauren Prather 04/13/2020
20181102AB Responses to Foreign Offers of Cooperation (This design is gated) Michaela Mattes, Jessica L.P. Weeks 05/01/2020
20181102AA Behavioral interventions to enhance housing tax compliance: randomized field experiment in China Fangwen Lu, Zhixin Dai, Kezhi Wang
20181101AD The Gendered Politics of Congressional Elections Kostanca Dhima, Sarah Fulton
20181101AC Voter Engagement in Arizona Lisa García Bedolla
20181101AB Reproductive Justice Organizing in Alabama Lisa García Bedolla
20181101AA A Collaborative Study of Voter Engagement in California Marisa Abrajano, Lisa García Bedolla
20181030AB Arrested Development: The Inefficiencies of Electoral Cycles in Infrastructure Projects Nicole Bonoff, Evan Morier, Emilia Tjernström
20181030AA Demand for Employer-Provided Childcare Benefits in the United States Audrey Latura
20181029AA Preventing Violent Extremism - Evidence from a Youth Job RCT Study in Somalia Prabin B. Khadka
20181026AA Pre-Analysis Plan for "The Electoral Consequences of the `China Shock' in Brazil" Cristian Jara-Figueroa
20181025AA Weathering the Storm: Discordant Learning about Reputations for Reliability Bailee Donahue, Mark J.C. Crescenzi
20181024AC Persuasion and Exposure to Competing Arguments Alexander Coppock, Matthew H Graham, Andrew Guess
20181024AB Party, policy, and democracy: What do voters value in candidates? John Michael Carey, Katherine Clayton, Gretchen Helmke, Brendan Nyhan, Mitch Sanders, Susan Stokes