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Community Policing and Public Trust: A Field Experiment in Uganda

EGAP प्रधान शोधकर्ता: Guy Grossman, Robert Blair, Ben Kachero, Anna Wilke

Research Design: Our research design combines the Muyenga model of community policing with advanced training in child protection and prevention of domestic violence for Ugandan police officers. The unit of randomization is the parish (covering 3-10 nearby villages). The unit of analysis for most outcomes is the individual. Randomization proceeds in two stages. First, two sub-counties in each district will be randomly assigned to treatment, for a total of 24 sub-counties (that have at least 4 parishes each).

Community Monitoring of Forest Resources in Uganda

EGAP प्रधान शोधकर्ता: Sabrina Eisenbarth, Chaning Jang, Ariana Keyman, Anouk Rigterink

Research Design:

This study proposes to investigate the effects of community monitoring – of forest stock and forest use – on forest conservation practices and household welfare. The proposed study is a Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT), the study population being villages which have de jure management rights over some forested area.