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Benjamin Marx
Email:  Institution / Affiliation : MIT Economics  EGAP member: No 
Altin Ilirjani
Email:  Institution / Affiliation : USAID  EGAP member: No 

Brief 38: Diminishing the Effectiveness of Vote-Buying Through Voter Education

In the lead-up to the 2014 elections, Green and Vasudevan hired an Indian agency to script and record advertisements to discourage voting for vote-buying parties. The advertisements were skits in which actors discussed why vote-buying politicians were untrustworthy and unlikely to make good on their promises. The 60-second spots were recorded in Hindi and four regional languages (Kannada, Marathi, Oriya, and Telugu). The authors chose 60 AIR stations covering 665 ACs in ten states.

Jasper Jack Cooper
Email:  Institution / Affiliation : Columbia University  EGAP member: No 
Summer Lindsey
Email:  Institution / Affiliation : Columbia University  EGAP member: No 

Brief 33: Property Rights and Trust

The researchers study a program that randomly assigned land property rights to small semi-nomadic herder groups in Mongolia: the Peri-Urban Rangeland Property Rights Project (PURP), financed by the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC). The Mongolian government provided long-term exclusive leases of rangeland plots, basic infrastructure, and training in herd and rangeland management to the treated herder groups during October/November 2011. The herder groups have four households on average. 

Alexander Kupatadze
Email:  Institution / Affiliation : University of St Andrews  EGAP member: No