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Shylock Muyengwa
Email:  Institution / Affiliation : University of Florida  EGAP member: No 
Rachidi Kotoni
Email:  Institution / Affiliation : African School of Economics  EGAP member: No 
Lindsey Pruett
Email:  Institution / Affiliation : Cornell University  EGAP member: No 
Alex Dyzenhaus
Email:  Institution / Affiliation : Cornell University  EGAP member: No 
Grant Buckles
Email:  Institution / Affiliation : Gallup  EGAP member: No 
Travis B. Curtice
Email:  Institution / Affiliation : Emory University  EGAP member: No 

Brief 49: Information Technology and Political Engagement in Uganda

In the initial stage of the nationwide field experiment, the researchers held a series of public lotteries to select the Members of Parliament (MPs) who would be treated and receive access to the uSpeak system - a platform that allowed MPs to log onto a dashboard where they could read tagged SMS messages from constituents, reply, and see simple descriptive statistics about the messages they received, such as what the priority issues in their constituency were within a selected time-frame.


Brief 48: Strengthening Local Political Accountability Through Information in Uganda

The authors implement a field experiment to test whether politician performance information distributed to Ugandan citizens early in the electoral term improves their local politicians’ subsequent performance. The study takes place in 20 districts with around 400 local government politicians. The intensive dissemination intervention (“treatment condition”) involved distributing scorecard information – along with a range of general civic education information – directly to citizens at community-wide meetings.