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Anca Dumitrescu
Email:  Institution / Affiliation : 3ie  EGAP member: Yes 

Brief 58: Does Bottom-Up Accountability Work? Evidence from Uganda

This study took place in 16 districts across four regions of Uganda. The sample included 376 health centers, which encompasses nearly every functioning government-run health center in the study districts. In coordination with Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA), researchers conducted a randomized evaluation to measure the impact of the full ACT Health program and individual components of the program on utilization rates, treatment quality, patient satisfaction, and health outcomes, including child mortality.


Brief 56: Reporting Corruption in Nigeria: Testing the Effects of Norms & Nudges

The study was conducted in four states of the Niger Delta (Akwa Ibom, Bayela, Delta, and Rivers). Within those states, sample communities were selected based on the GPS coordinates of mobile phone towers. The study was conducted in 106 communities selected such that they were sufficiently separated to avoid spillovers. Two surveys (baseline and endline) were conducted in each community with approximately 15 randomly-selected individuals.


Brief 55: Candidate Participation in Electoral Debates--An Experimental Encouragement Design in Liberia

The partner NGO organized 129 standardized debates to elicit the policy promises of candidates for the House. The platforms were then rebroadcast by community radio stations. The debates were held across all 73 districts from mid-August to mid-September prior to the October 2017 elections for the House of Representatives. In order to induce variation in debate participation, the authors randomly varied the intensity of the invitations to all candidates in each district.

James Mkandawire
Email:  Institution / Affiliation : Invest in Knowledge  EGAP member: Yes 
Morgan Holmes
Email:  Institution / Affiliation : 3ie, The World Bank  EGAP member: Yes