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Maarten Voors (PhD Wageningen, 2011) is an Associate Professor in Development Economics at Wageningen University. His main field is development economics. His research focuses on incentives, institutions and behavior in (post-conflict) developing countries. He uses a variety of methods including surveys, lab and field experiments and econometric analysis. He geographic focus is Sub Saharan Africa. Recent projects include field experiments on formal and informal institutions, recruitment and monitoring (health) workers, rural electrification and technology adoption. He is the current EGAP Trainings Director and organizes EGAPs Learning Days workshops.


Institution / Affiliation : Wageningen UR
Previous Partner Organizations: Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, IITA, World Bank, Conservation Society of Sierra Leone, Society for the Conservation of Nature in Liberia, UNICEF, Ministry of Agriculture Sierra Leone
Geographical Region: Africa
Methodology: Field Experiments
Policy: Conflict and Violence, Development