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ID Title Authors Gated Until Status
20190730AA A Way Out? Apprenticeship Training, Employment and Social Transformation in Northern Nigeria Benjamin Crost, Oeindrila Dube, Marcus Holmlund, Eric Mvukiyehe
20190729AB Participation in Kenyan Budget Processes: Empowerment, Governance, and Well-being Michael Touchton, Brian Wampler
20190729AA Narrative Risk Communication: A Lingua Franca for Hazard Preparation? (This design is gated) Nicholas T. Bergmann, Clemente Izurieta, Jamie McEvoy, Geoffrey C. Poole, Eric D. Raile, Richard C. Ready, Ann Marie Reinhold, Elizabeth A. Shanahan 01/29/2021
20190726AA What Should We Be Allowed to Post? Citizens’ Preferences for Online Hate Speech Regulation Simon Munzert, Richard Traunmüller, Andrew Guess, Pablo Barberá, JungHwan Yang
20190725AA Interest Groups, Policy Representation and the Legitimacy of Governance Anne Rasmussen, Stefanie Reher
20190724AD Hierarchy of Problem Pressure? The layering and gradation of risks on demand for social protection in Brazil (This design is gated) Sarah Berens, Franziska Deeg 08/31/2020
20190724AC Trade, Migration and Social Policy: How international trade risks and migration flows affect welfare deservingness perception in Brazil (This design is gated) Sarah Berens, Franziska Deeg 08/31/2020
20190724AB Corruption and Social Policy How corruption allegation influences support for social and security policies in Brazil (This design is gated) Sarah Berens, Franziska Deeg 08/31/2020
20190724AA Fiscal Consolidation and Time Inconsistent Policy Preferences Evelyne Hübscher, Thomas Sattler, Zbigniew Truchlewski
20190723AA Just Transition in Jharkhand, India Michaël Aklin, Brian Blankenship, Johannes Urpelainen
20190722AC Cooperation across ideological divide: Post-conflict reconciliation in Korea Han Il Chang, Leonid Peisakhin
20190722AB Disclosing sensitive identities and the impact on resource allocation (This design is gated) Maria Abascal, Kinga Makovi, Anahit Sargsyan 12/10/2020
20190722AA Entrenched versus Shallow Norms in Foreign Policy: Evidence on the Chemical and Nuclear Weapons Taboos Christopher W. Blair, Jonathan A. Chu, Joshua A. Schwartz
20190719AB “They’re Talking About Us”: Latino Perceptions of Implicit and Explicit Anti-Latino Appeals Ali Valenzuela, Derek Wakefield
20190719AA Mobilizing voters to mobilize MPs for a second referendum Joshua Townsley, Stuart Turnbull-Dugarte, Florian Foos
20190718AC Priming Affective and Policy-based Partisanship (This design is gated) Matthew H Graham, Gregory Huber 07/18/2020
20190718AB Comprehensive Sexual Education Impact Assessment: Human Rights effects and International Law systematic review Belinda Budde
20190718AA What Motivates Citizens to Trust Political Leaders? Probing the Evaluative Criteria Underlying Trust in Political Actors Ebe Ouattara, Eefje Steenvoorden, Tom van der Meer
20190717AC Does Message Distortion by Rivals Affect Parties’ Policy Images? (This design is gated) Zeynep Somer-Topcu, Margit Tavits 01/22/2021
20190717AB Incivility and Distrust Towards Politics and Media: The Effect of Post- Debate Media Coverage (This design is gated) Ine Goovaerts 08/01/2020
20190717AA Prisoners of the Past? Historical Narratives as Heuristics in International Cooperation Mareike Kleine
20190716AB Willingness to Pay for Micro-Solar Power: Experimental Evidence Jason Chun Yu Wong, Brian Blankenship, S.P. Harish, Johannes Urpelainen
20190716AA Attitudes and Action in Refugee Policy: Evidence from Australia Jill Sheppard, Jana von Stein
20190714AA Direct democracy versus representative democracy. A lab experiment Julia Becker
20190713AA Growing Closer or Further Apart? Exposure to Social Media in Post-Conflict Settings Nejla Asimovic, Joshua Tucker
20190712AA Pre-Analysis Plan for Second Wave Telephone Survey for “Violence Exposure and Identity Formation: Evidence from Cyprus" (This design is gated) Nicholas Sambanis, Anna Schultz 01/12/2021
20190711AC Measuring Feminist Opposition to Political Islam: Evidence from a Petition Experiment (This design is gated) Donghyun Danny Choi, Mathias Poertner, Nicholas Sambanis 07/12/2020
20190711AB Evaluating New Approaches to Promoting Vaccination (This design is gated) Katherine Clayton, Christine Finley, D.J. Flynn, Meredith Graves, Brendan Nyhan 01/11/2021
20190711AA Impact Evaluation of REDD+ Programme in Sierra Leone Mandy Malan, Elisabeth Gsottbauer, Paul Hofman, Tom Swinfield, Andreas Kontoleon, Maarten Voors
20190710AA Identity, Language, and Discrimination Against Immigrants: Evidence from a Field Experiment (This design is gated) Donghyun Danny Choi, Mathias Poertner, Nicholas Sambanis 07/12/2020
20190709AB Understanding Non-Governmental Organizations (This design is gated) Sarah Bush, Jennifer Hadden 01/09/2021
20190709AA Shaming at the Intersection of Law and Morality (This design is gated) Sarah Bush, Zoltán Buzás, Lauren Prather 01/09/2021
20190708AB Measuring Feminist Opposition to Political Islam: Evidence from Social Encounters in the Field (This design is gated) Donghyun Danny Choi, Mathias Poertner, Nicholas Sambanis 07/12/2020
20190708AA Intergroup Mobilization in Divided Societies: A Field Experiment in Israel Salma Mousa, Chagai M. Weiss
20190707AB Automation Risk and Support for a Universal Basic Income Rorisang Lekalake, Zachary Daniel Markovich, Gabriel Nahmias, Stuart Russell
20190707AA Can interest groups really influence a national-wide topic, when it comes out of the blind spot? Fernando Barros de Mello
20190703AA The Construction of Trust in the State: Evidence from Police-Community Relations in Colombia Eric Arias, Rebecca Hanson, Dorothy Kronick, Tara Slough
20190701AA Experimental Study of the Effects of Anti-Minority Campaigning (This design is gated) Randy Besco, Erin Tolley, Kassra Oskooii, Sergio Garcia-Rios, Stephen Fisher, Julius Sebastian Lagodny, Nazita Lajevardi 01/03/2021
20190626AA Information, Conflict, and Trade: Survey Experiment Evidence of Ukrainian Attitudes Toward Economic Engagement Celeste Beesley, Eliza Riley
20190625AE Misinformation and Information Diffusion in Social Networks: Evidence from Myanmar (This design is gated) Claire Willeck 07/01/2020
20190625AD Education Pedagogy and Media Belief Formation: Evidence from Myanmar (This design is gated) Claire Willeck 07/01/2020
20190625AC A post-truth public? Investigating the mechanisms of resistance to factual correction (This design is gated) John Bartle, Robert Johns, Christine Stedtnitz 12/31/2020
20190625AB Allies or Agitators? A Survey Experiment on Perceptions of Nonviolent Protest Yuan Hsiao, Scott Radnitz
20190625AA Risk-Participation Paradox in Political Protests Pál Susánszky, Bela Janky
20190624AA Behavioral effects of descriptive representation -- Lab edition -- Vol 2 Dominik Duell, Emily West
20190621AB The Local Labor Market Effects of the American Jobs Creation Act of 2004 Juan Carlos Suárez Serrato, Timothy Rickert
20190621AA Citizenship in Hard Times (This design is gated) Sara Wallace Goodman 12/20/2020
20190620AD Gender Norm Violation and Attitudes toward Equality (This design is gated) Jae-Hee Jung, Margit Tavits 06/20/2020
20190620AC Terrorism and support for counterterrorist policies Dag Arne Christensen, Sveinung Arnesen, Jon Kåre Skiple, Jacob Sohlberg, Johan Martinsson, Gunnar Helgi Kristinsson, Gudbjorg Andrea Jonsdottir
20190620AB Automated government decisions of asylum applications Sveinung Arnesen