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ID Title Authors Gated Until Status
20191118AB GOTV Within Social Networks: An Experiment Conducted During the 2019 Elections Donald Green, Oliver A McClellan
20191118AA How do informational outreach campaigns impact immigrants’ naturalization decisions? Evidence from a randomized control trial in Switzerland (This design is gated) Dominik Hangartner, Joëlle Pianzola, Dalston Ward 05/14/2021
20191117AA Participatory Institution Formation: Evidence from Citizen Consultative Forums in Uganda (This design is gated) Constantin Manuel Bosancianu, Ana Garcia-Hernandez, Macartan Humphreys 06/01/2020
20191116AA Determinants of Public Support for Embedded Liberalism in the United States: A Survey Experiment Sarah Berens, Margarita Gelepithis
20191115AB Reacting to the Olive Branch: Hawks, Doves, and Public Support for Cooperation (This design is gated) Michaela Mattes, Jessica L.P. Weeks 05/15/2021
20191115AA Rewarding Women’s Rights in Dictatorships (This design is gated) Sarah Bush, Daniela Donno, Pär Zetterberg 05/20/2021
20191113AD Party Persuasion about Gun Policy (Exp. 2 - 2018 CCES Survey Experiments) (This design is gated) Christopher Mann 05/31/2020
20191113AC Gun Policy Influence on Candidate Choice (Exp. 1 - 2018 CCES Survey Experiments) (This design is gated) Christopher Mann 05/31/2020
20191113AB Just the facts? How Self-Selection Conditions Efforts to Correct Misinformation about Immigration Paul Testa
20191113AA How Parties Reduce Citizens’ Political Trust Elad Klein, Guido Tiemann
20191111AB Maps to die for? (This design is gated) Henk Erich Goemans, Michael Weintraub, Andi Zhou 11/11/2020
20191111AA Changing Political Identities and Campaign Activism Katharina Lawall, Stuart Turnbull-Dugarte, Joshua Townsley, Florian Foos
20191110AA Partisanship and Support for Democracy – NORC Study Matthew H Graham
20191109AA Affective Judgements and the Misattribution of Responsibility for the Economy Daniela Campello, Cesar Zucco Jr.
20191108AA Feminism as a cue (This design is gated) Eva Anduiza, Berta Barbet, Guillem Rico, Maria José Hierro 10/31/2020
20191107AA Representation as a Continuous Game (study 2) Mattias Agerberg, Peter Esaiasson, Jenny de Fine Licht
20191106AD How does the family react to better jobs opportunities for one member? Evidence from a large-scale public work program in Egypt Eric Mvukiyehe, Raphael Cottin
20191106AC From Workfare to Work and Economic Well-being: A Randomized Evaluation of Labor-Intensive Public Works for the Urban Poor of Eastern DRC Eric Mvukiyehe, Guigonan Serge Adjognon, Paul Brandily, Lodewijk Smets
20191106AB Individual Logics of Civil Resistance Sirianne Dahlum, Jonathan Pinckney, Tore Wig
20191106AA Reducing Measurement Error in List Experiments Mattias Agerberg, Marcus Tannenberg
20191105AB Can Comedy Be Convincing? Kevin Elliott, Andrew Guess
20191105AA Using Identity to Mobilize Voters in the 2019 EU Election Christopher Dawes, Daniel Rubenson, Sven Oskarsson, Pär Nyman
20191104AA The Burden of Proof: Barriers to Women in Party Controlled Candidate Selection Melanie L. Phillips
20191101AC Survey Experimental Study: Moralized Political Messages and Immigration Attitudes in the US Kristina Bakkær Simonsen
20191101AB Can You Have It Both Ways? Plausible Deniability and Coercive Effectiveness Costantino Pischedda, Sara Bjerg Moller, Andrew Cheon
20191101AA Do Voters (Dis)like Dynastic Politicians? Evidence from a Survey Experiment in Pakistan (This design is gated) Sergio J. Ascencio, Rabia Malik 06/06/2020
20191031AD How Increased Women's Political Representation Affects Men's Labor Market Participation Emily West, Dominik Duell
20191031AC Fact-Checking and Social Media: Experimental Evidence Ethan Porter, Thomas J. Wood
20191031AB The Effect of Relational Text Messaging on Turnout in the 2018 US Midterm Elections Aaron Schein, Dhanya Sridhar, Keyon Vafa, Victor Veitch, Naseem Makiya, James Moffet, Jeff Quinn, David M. Blei, Donald Green
20191031AA Endogenous Gender Gap in Employment: How Business Leaders Assess Responses to Sexual Harassment Olle Folke, Johanna Rickne, Frances Rosenbluth, Seiki Tanaka
20191030AA Assessing the Electoral Consequences of Interracial Marriage Paul Testa , David Skarbek, Brandon Davis
20191028AA Beyond Cash: Deference and Access in Congressional Relations Marcela Machado
20191026AA The Evolution of Risk and Social Preferences: Evidence from Two Natural Experiments in Sierra Leone Imran Rasul, Markus Goldstein, Niklas Buehren, Andrea Smurra
20191024AA Electoral Handouts and Partisan Cues as Information in Brazil Luke Plutowski
20191023AD Can policy signals break the corruption equilibrium? Court effectiveness and popular engagement against corruption in Tunisia and South Africa Letícia Barbabela, Miquel Pellicer, Eva Wegner
20191023AC What Affects Attitudes Toward U.S.-Centered Conspiracy Theories in the Arab Middle East? Amaney Jamal, David Romney, Dustin Tingley
20191023AB Identity and Accountability: A Conjoint Mediation Experiment in Kenya, Malawi, and Zambia (This design is gated) Karen Ferree, Ellen Lust 04/23/2021
20191023AA Up for Grabs? Preferences for Eurozone membership in Italy Lucio Baccaro, Björn Bremer, Erik Neimanns
20191022AA Survey Experimental Study: Moralized Political Messages and Immigration Attitudes in Denmark Kristina Bakkær Simonsen
20191021AB Who should communicate migration information? (This design is gated) Sandra Morgenstern 12/31/2020
20191021AA The Meaning and Measurement of Racial Attitudes in Political and Nonpolitical Contexts Alexander Agadjanian, John Michael Carey, Yusaku Horiuchi, Timothy Ryan
20191020AA #MeToo Allegations and Partisan Motivated Reasoning (This design is gated) Mia Costa, Jennah Slayton, Trevor Briggs, Ajaipal Chahal, Jonathan Fried, Rijul Garg, Sophia Kriz, Leo Lei, Anthony Milne 10/20/2020
20191017AC Evaluating Twitter News Corrections Gabriel Borelli, Andrew Guess
20191017AB White identity politics in Canada (This design is gated) Edana Beauvais, Dietlind Stolle 10/17/2020
20191017AA Preference Intensity of Chinese Citizens Yiqing Xu, Xinyang Shane Xuan
20191014AA What Do We Learn About Voter Preferences from Conjoint Experiments? Scott F Abramson, Korhan Kocak, Asya Magazinnik
20191013AA Comparative US Media Coverage of Soviet and Chinese Space Programs, 1957–2019 Justin Key Canfil
20191012AA Inter-Party Dialogue and Partisan Attitudes Donald Green, Casey Libonate, Michael G. Miller
20191011AA Pre-Analysis Plan for an Experiment on Electoral Preferences: Evidence from Uruguay Juan A. Bogliaccini, Martín Opertti
20191010AA Institutional Remedies for Affective Polarization: Evidence from Israel Lotem Bassan , Chagai M. Weiss